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� He went over to the window and stood looking out of it, his hands clasped behind his back. Some children were playing tag around the flag-staff, and he watched a long-limbed small daughter of the frontier dodging and running, and was conscious of being glad that she touched the goal. The Bedouin wigwam攁 rectangle of eight feet in length by six broad, and five high攊s constructed of a succession of branches in couples, curved before the fire, and lashed in the form of a lip-arch. A mat composed of date leaves forms the roof; and the whole fabric, wherein the hand of no master builder is visible, is thus readily transferred from place to place. 淥mnia mea mecum fero?should form the motto of the wandering Dank谩li, whose only furniture consists of a tressel hollowed at the top to serve as a pillow攁 luxury restricted to the male sex. In the huts of the more wealthy, wooden platters and ladles sometimes form part of the household gear, together with closely-woven mat baskets to contain milk; but this beverage is more usually consigned to a bag of sheep or goat skin攕un-dried flesh, grease, grain, and water, being lodged also in similar receptacles. We then went to Choptank and Third Haven, and thence to Queen Anne's. Theweather for some days past having been hot and dry, and we having travelledpretty steadily and having hard labour in meetings, I grew weakly, at which Iwas for a time discouraged; but looking over our journey and considering howthe Lord had supported our minds and bodies, so that we had gone forward muchfaster than I expected before we came out, I saw that I had been in danger oftoo strongly desiring to get quickly through the journey, and that the bodily weakness now attending me was a kindness; and then in contrition of spirit, Ibecame very thankful to my gracious Father for this manifestation of His love,and in humble submission to His will my trust in Him was renewed. And worse.? To silence every motion proceeding from the love of money, and humbly to waitupon God to know His will concerning us have appeared necessary. He alone isable to strengthen us to dig deep, to remove all which lies between us and thesafe foundation, and so to direct us in our outward employment that pureuniversal love may shine forth in our proceedings. Desires arising from thespirit of truth are pure desires; and when a mind divinely opened towards ayoung generation is made sensible of corrupting examples powerfully working andextensively spreading among them, how moving is the prospect! In a world ofdangers and difficulties, like a desolate, thorny wilderness, how precious, howcomfortable, how safe, are the leadings of Christ the good Shepherd, who said,"I know my sheep, and am known of mine!"Sixteenth of Fifth Month. -- Wind for several days past often high, what thesailors call squally, with a rough sea and frequent rains. This last night hasbeen a very trying one to the poor seamen, the water the most part of the nightrunning over the main-deck, and sometimes breaking waves came on the quarterdeck. The latter part of the night, as I lay in bed, my mind was humbled underthe power of divine love; and resignedness to the great Creator of the earthand the seas was renewedly wrought in me, and His fatherly care over Hischildren felt precious to my soul. I was now desirous to embrace everyopportunity of being inwardly acquainted with the hardships and difficulties ofmy fellow-creatures, and to labour in His love for the spreading of purerighteousness on the earth. Opportunities were frequent of hearing conversationamong the sailors respecting the voyages to Africa, and the manner of bringingthe deeply oppressed slaves into our islands. They are frequently brought onboard the vessels in chains and fetters, with hearts loaded with grief underthe apprehension of miserable slavery; so that my mind was frequently engagedto meditate on these things. 视频 Soon after I entered this province, a deep and painful exercise came upon me,which I often had some feeling of since my mind was drawn toward these parts,and with which I had acquainted my brother before we agreed to join as companions. As the people in this and the Southern Provinces live much on thelabour of slaves, many of whom are used hardly, my concern was that I mightattend with singleness of heart to the voice of the true Shepherd, and be sosupported as to remain unmoved at the faces of men. The light which gleamed through the black goat-hair awning of a Gur谩gu锚 slave-merchant, fell upon the features of the wild party as it passed; and Ambeesa檚 heart beat high with exultation when, in the person of one whose matted locks were decorated with a dirty ostrich plume, he fancied he could recognise the very foe of whom he was in search. The archer was in truth a most truculent-looking knave攐ne who, if his visage did not strangely belie him, might have been the perpetrator of any given atrocity. The tail fat of four B茅rbera rams encrusted his head in a perfect helmet of tallow, and the putrid entrails of the antelope he had last slain, were slung in noisome coils about his neck, to the pollution of the atmosphere he breathed. His repulsive front displayed through the accumulated filth of forty years a perfect maze of mystic figures in tattooed relief, on which were imbedded amulets stitched in greasy leather; and the distended lobes of his enormous ears were so loaded with pewter rings, that not another could have been squeezed in. A gap, consequent upon the loss of five front teeth in a recent brawl, made room for a quid of no ordinary dimensions. Two small sunken blear eyes, which appeared to work upon a swivel, squinted alternately, as the inflamed balls were revealed by turns according to the employment of the wearer檚 sinister vision; and on his meagre sunken cheek yawned a seam five inches in length, which precisely corresponded with a gash known to have been inflicted by the youth檚 father during a certain moonless night at Errur, when a stab in the back had aroused the veteran from deep sleep to his mortal struggle. On the first day of the week, being at our own afternoon meeting, and myheart being enlarged in love, I was led to speak on the care and protection of the Lord over His people, and to make mention of that passage where a band ofSyrians, who were endeavouring to take captive the prophet, were disappointed;and how the Psalmist said, "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about themthat fear Him." Thus, in true love and tenderness, I parted from Friends,expecting the next morning to proceed on my journey. Being weary I went earlyto bed. After I had been asleep a short time, I was awoke by a man calling atmy door, and inviting me to meet some Friends at a public-house in our town,who came from Philadelphia so late that Friends were generally gone to bed. � Do we feel an affectionate regard to posterity? and are we employed topromote their happiness? Do our minds, in things outward, look beyond our owndissolution? and are we contriving for the prosperity of our children after us?