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Being informed thereof by letter, I met them in town in the 5th Month, 1763;and after some conversation, finding they were sober people, I, with theconcurrence of Friends in that place, agreed to join them as companions intheir return, and we appointed to meet at Samuel Foulk's, at Richland, in BucksCounty, on the 7th of Sixth Month. Now, as this visit felt weighty, and wasperformed at a time when travelling appeared perilous, so the dispensations ofdivine Providence in preparing my mind for it have been memorable, and Ibelieve it good for me to give some account thereof. Some time after this minute was made I remained uneasy with the manner of myspeaking to the ancient Friend, and could not see my way clear to conceal myuneasiness, though I was concerned that I might say nothing to weaken the causein which I had laboured. After some close exercise and hearty repentence fornot having attended closely to the safe guide, I stood up, and, reciting thepassage, acquainted Friends that though I durst not go from what I had said asto the matter, yet I was uneasy with the manner of my speaking, believingmilder language would have been better. As this was uttered in some degree ofcreaturely abasement after a warm debate, it appeared to have a good savouramongst us. Ninth of Eighth Month, 1757. -- Orders came at night to the military officersin our county (Burlington), directing them to draft the militia, and prepare anumber of men to go off as soldiers, to the relief of the English at FortWilliam Henry, in New York government; a few days after which there was ageneral review of the militia at Mount Holly, and a number of men were chosenand sent off under some officers. Shortly after, there came orders to draftthree times as many, who were to hold themselves in readiness to march whenfresh orders came. On the 17th there was a meeting of the military officers atMount Holly, who agreed on draft; orders were sent to the men so chosen to meettheir respective captains at set times and places, those in our township tomeet at Mount Holly, amongst whom were a considerable number of our Society. Mymind being affected herewith, I had fresh opportunity to see and consider theadvantage of living in the real substance of religion, where practice dothharmonize with principle. Amongst the officers are men of understanding, whohave some regard to sincerity where they see it; and when such in the executionof their office have men to deal with whom they believe to be upright-hearted,it is a painful task to put them to trouble on account of scruples ofconscience, and they will be likely to avoid it as much as easily may be. But where men profess to be so meek and heavenly-minded, and to have their trust sofirmly settled in God that they cannot join in wars, and yet by their spiritand conduct in common life manifest a contrary disposition, their difficultiesare great at such a time. "That's pretty fair stuff," said the Major, setting down his empty glass; "it has just about the right snap in it. Is there enough for another round, Gregg?" "Doth pride lead to vanity? Doth vanity form imaginary wants? Do these wantsprompt men to exert their power in requiring more from others than they wouldbe willing to perform themselves, were the same required of them? Do theseproceedings beget hard thoughts? Do hard thoughts, when ripe, become malice? Let us then, like wise builders, lay the foundation deep, and by our constantuniform regard to an inward piety and virtue let them see that we really valueit. Let us labour in the fear of the Lord that their innocent minds, whileyoung and tender, may be preserved from corruptions; that as they advance inage they may rightly understand their true interest, may consider theuncertainty of temporal things, and, above all, have their hope and confidencefirmly settled in the blessing of that Almighty Being who inhabits eternity andpreserves and supports the world. 黄色视频网站_亚洲 中文 自拍 另类 Having determined to make Northumberland his home, he proceeded to build a house more suitable to his needs and pursuits, and, as his letters of the period show, its planning and arrangement gave him much thought and greatly interested him. He lingered through the night, and in the early morning requested his son to take down some additions and alterations he wished inserted in his proofs, dictating as clearly and distinctly as he had ever done in his life. When these were read to him he said, 淭hat is right; I have now done.?Shortly afterwards he put his hand to his face and breathed his last so easy that those who were sitting close to him hardly perceived he had passed away. In the love of money and in the wisdom of this world, business is proposed,then the urgency of affairs pushes forward, and the mind cannot in this statediscern the good and perfect will of God concerning us. The love of God ismanifested in graciously calling us to come out of that which stands inconfusion; but if we bow not in the name of Jesus, if we give not up thoseprospects of gain which in the wisdom of this world are open before us, but sayin our hearts, "I must needs go on; and in going on I hope to keep as near thepurity of truth as the business before me will admit of," the mind remainsentangled and the shining of the light of life into the soul is obstructed. After this I agreed for a passage in the steerage; and hearing that JosephWhite had desired to see me, I went to his house, and the next day home, whereI tarried two nights. Early the next morning, I parted with my family under asense of the humbling hand of God upon me, and, going to Philadelphia, had anopportunity with several of my beloved friends, who appeared to be concernedfor me on account of the unpleasant situation of that part of the vessel inwhich I was likely to lodge. In these opportunities my mind, through themercies of the Lord, was kept low in an inward waiting for His help; andFriends having expressed their desire that I might have a more convenient placethan the steerage, did not urge it, but appeared disposed to leave me to theLord. Hence I went to the Swamp Meeting, and to Wayanoke Meeting, and then crossedJames River, and lodged near Burleigh. From the time of my entering Maryland Ihave been much under sorrow, which of late so increased upon me that my mindwas almost overwhelmed, and I may say with the Psalmist, "In my distress Icalled upon the Lord, and cried to my God," who, in infinite goodness, looked upon my affliction, and in my private retirement sent the Comforter for myrelief, for which I humbly bless His holy name.