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I had an extraordinary verbal memory. The Doctor, I remember, once mouthed out some lines of the 鈥淧aradise Lost鈥?and told us in his pompous way that Lord Macaulay knew the 鈥淧aradise Lost鈥?by heart from beginning to end. I asked: 鈥淚s that hard, Sir!鈥?鈥淲hen you鈥檝e learned half of it鈥? he replied, 鈥測ou鈥檒l understand how hard! Lord Macaulay was a genius鈥? and he emphasized the 鈥淟ord鈥?again. have heard攕omething,?he responded. 鈥淭hey may do us easier down there in the dark,鈥?replied the other, with a palpable shiver. 鈥淭hey鈥檒l hear us and lie in wait. In the dark! We shan鈥檛 have a dog鈥檚 chance.鈥? I was crouching on the leads outside the dormer window as Raffles climbed into sight within. 淣ot quite,?she said, and she glanced shyly at the engagement-ring on her finger. 淟ilias is here,?she said; 渂ut of course she is trying a dress on. She will be down presently.? know Dog Ear, William; there will be more than six in this affair.? avtt2019天堂网 鈥淎nd years to me!鈥?cried Raffles. 鈥淏ut surely you remember that lost tribesman at the next table, with the nose like the village pump, and the wife with the emerald necklace?鈥? 楢nd now we come to the Big Road,?said he, after receiving the compliments of Kim; for the lama was markedly silent. 業t is long since I have ridden this way, but thy boy talk stirred me. See, Holy One ?the Great Road which is the backbone of all Hind. For the most part it is shaded, as here, with four lines of trees; the middle road ?all hard ?takes the quick traffic. In the days before rail-carriages the Sahibs travelled up and down here in hundreds. Now there are only country-carts and such like. Left and right is the rougher road for the heavy carts ?grain and cotton and timber, fodder, lime and hides. A man goes in safety here for at every few koss is a police-station. The police are thieves and extortioners (I myself would patrol it with cavalry ?young recruits under a strong captain), but at least they do not suffer any rivals. All castes and kinds of men move here. � � �