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and that all who appoint meetings may proceed in the pure feeling of duty! "Hoopee! Yank her out o' there, boys. Yank h'er out, and don't be all day about it, either. Let me git at her and I'll fetch her out. Stand by, you kids, and see your uncle Eph snatch her." Being thus helped to sink down into resignation, I felt a deliverance fromthat tempest in which I had been sorely exercised, and in calmness of mind wentforward, trusting that the Lord Jesus Christ, as I faithfully attended to Him, would be a counsellor to me in all difficulties, and that by His strength Ishould be enabled even to leave money with the members of society where I hadentertainment, when I found that omitting it would obstruct that work to whichI believed He had called me. As I copy this after my return, I may here addthat oftentimes I did so under a sense of duty. The way in which I did it wasthus: When I expected soon to leave a Friend's house where I had entertainment,if I believed that I should not keep clear from the gain of oppression withoutleaving money, I spoke to one of the heads of the family privately, and desiredthem to accept of those pieces of silver, and give them to such of theirnegroes as they believed would make the best use of them; and at other times Igave them to the negroes myself, as the way looked clearest to me. Before Icame out, I had provided a large number of small pieces for this purpose, andthus offering them to some who appeared to be wealthy people was a trial bothto me and them. But the fear of the Lord so covered me at times that my way wasmade easier than I expected; and few, if any, manifested any resentment at theoffer, and most of them, after some conversation, accepted of them. Twenty-fifth of Ninth Month, 1764. -- At our Yearly Meeting at Philadelphiathis day, John Smith, of Marlborough, aged upwards of eighty years, a faithfulminister, though not eloquent, stood up in our meeting of ministers and elders,and appearing to be under a great exercise of spirit, informed Friends insubstance as follows: "That he had been a member of our Society upwards ofsixty years, and he well remembered that, in those early times, Friends were aplain, lowly-minded people, and that there was much tenderness and contritionin their meetings. That, at twenty years from that time, the Society increasingin wealth and in some degree conforming to the fashions of the world, truehumility was less apparent, and their meetings in general were not so livelyand edifying. That at the end of forty years many of them were grown very rich,and many of the Society made a specious appearance in the world; that wearingfine costly garments, and using silver and other watches, became customary withthem, their sons, and their daughters. I had this day often to consider myself as a sojourner in this world. A beliefin the all-sufficiency of God to support His people in their pilgrimage feltcomfortable to me, and I was industriously employed to get to a state ofperfect resignation. "Hello, Corporal," said Pete, with a capacious grin rifting the powder grime on his face. "We've just bin having lots o' fun." 色 网 吧_色网吧-日韩成人电影手机免费观看 From Motherkill we crossed the country about thirty-five miles to Tuckahoe,in Maryland, and had a meeting there, and also at Marshy Creek. At the lastthree meetings there were a considerable number of the followers of one JosephNichols, a preacher, who, I understand, is not in outward fellowship with anyreligious society, but professeth nearly the same principles as those of ourSociety, and often travels up and down, appointing meetings which many peopleattend. I heard of some who had been irreligious people that were now hisfollowers, and were become sober, well-behaved men and women. Someirregularities, I hear, have been among the people at several of his meetings;but from what I have perceived I believe the man and some of his followers arehonestly disposed, but that skilful fathers are wanting among them. As moderate care and exercise, under the direction of true wisdom, are usefulboth to mind and body, so by these means in general the real wants of life areeasily supplied, our gracious Father having so proportioned one to the otherthat keeping in the medium we may pass on quietly. Where slaves are purchasedto do our labour, numerous difficulties attend it. To rational creaturesbondage is uneasy, and frequently occasions sourness and discontent in them;which affects the family and such as claim the mastery over them. Thus peopleand their children are many times encompassed with vexations, which arise fromtheir applying to wrong methods to get a living. On reaching the Indian settlement at Wyoming, we were told that an Indianrunner had been at that place a day or two before us, and brought news of theIndians having taken an English fort westward, and destroyed the people, andthat they were endeavouring to take another; also, that another Indian runnercame there about the middle of the previous night from a town about ten milesfrom Wehaloosing, and brought the news that some Indian warriors from distantparts came to that town with two English scalps, and told the people that itwas war with the English. � "You can't, very well. You see, guerrilain' is peculiar. There's somethin' in the air and water down in Kentucky and Tennessee that brings it on a man. You'll see a plain farmer man, jest like them around your home, and he'll be all right, goin' about his place plowin' and grubbin' sprouts and tendin' to his stock, and tellin' you all the time how much he loves the union and how he and his folks always bin for the union. Next thing you know he'll be out behind a cedar bush with a shotgun loaded with slugs, waitin' to make a lead mine o' some feller wearin' blue clothes. You see him before he does you, and he'll swear that he was out after the crows that's bin pullin' up his corn. He'll take' the oath of allegiance like it was a dram of old apple-jack, and tears'll come into his eyes at the sight o' the Old Flag, which he and his'n has always loved. He'll go ahead plowin' and grubbin' sprouts and tendin' his cattle till the fit comes on him agin to go gunnin' for bluecoats, and off he is, to go through the whole performance agin. You kin never tell how long his loosid interval will last, nor when the fit's comin' on him. Mebbe the changes o' the moon's somethin' to do with it. Mebbe it's somethin' that they eat, like what the cattle eat out West that makes 'em go crazy."