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The query was, "Are there any concerned in the importation of negroes, or inbuying them after imported?" which was thus altered, "Are there any concernedin the importation of negroes, or buying them to trade in?" As one queryadmitted with unanimity was, "Are any concerned in buying or vending goodsunlawfully imported, or prize goods?" I found my mind engaged to say that, aswe profess the truth, and were there assembled to support the testimony of it,it was necessary for us to dwell deep and act in that wisdom which is pure, orotherwise we could not prosper. I then mentioned their alteration, and,referring to the last-mentioned query, added, that as purchasing anymerchandise taken by the sword was always allowed to be inconsistent with ourprinciples, so negroes being captives of war or taken by stealth, it wasinconsistent with our testimony to buy them; and their being our fellow-creatures, and sold as slaves, added greatly to the iniquity. Friends appearedattentive to what was said; some expressed a care and concern about theirnegroes; none made any objection by way of reply to what I said, but the querywas admitted as they had altered it. In transacting the affairs of the discipline, his judgment was sound andclear, and he was very useful in treating with those who had done amiss; hevisited such in a private way in that plainess which truth dictates, showinggreat tenderness and Christian forbearance. He was a constant attender of ourYearly Meeting, in which he was a good example and particularly useful,assisting in the business thereof with great weight and attention. He severaltimes visited most of the meetings of Friends in this and the neighbouringprovinces, with the concurrence of the Monthly Meeting to which he belonged,and we have reason to believe he did good service therein, generally or alwaysexpressing at his return how it had fared with him and the evidence of peace inhis mind for thus performing his duty. He was often concerned with otherFriends in the important service of visiting families, which he was enabled togo through to satisfaction. TO THE QUARTERLY AND MONTHLY MEETINGS OF FRIENDS BELONGING TO THE SAIDYEARLY MEETING: -DEARLY BELOVED FRIENDS AND BRETHREN, --In an awful sense of the wisdom andgoodness of the Lord our God, whose tender mercies have been continued to us inthis land, we affectionately salute you, with sincere and fervent desires thatwe may reverently regard the dispensations of His providence, and improve underthem. That there had been a continued increase of such ways of life, even until thepresent time; and that the weakness which hath now overspread the Society andthe barrenness manifest among us is matter of much sorrow." He then mentionedthe uncertainty of his attending these meetings in future, expecting hisdissolution was near; and, having tenderly expressed his concern for us,signified that he had seen in the true light that the Lord would bring back Hispeople from these things, into which they were thus degenerated, but that Hisfaithful servants must go through great and heavy exercises. Eighth of Fifth Month. -- This morning the clouds gathered, the wind blewstrong from the south-east, and before noon so increased that sailing appeareddangerous. The seamen then bound up some of their sails and took down others,and the storm increasing, they put the dead-lights, so called, into the cabinwindows and lighted a lamp as at night. The wind now blew vehemently, and thesea wrought to that degree that an awful seriousness prevailed in the cabin, inwhich I spent, I believe, about seventeen hours, for the cabin passengers hadgiven me frequent invitations, and I thought the poor wet toiling seamen hadneed of all the room in the crowded steerage. They now ceased from sailing andput the vessel in the posture called "lying to."My mind during this tempest, through the gracious assistance of the Lord, waspreserved in a good degree of resignation; and at times I expressed a few wordsin His love to my shipmates in regard to the all-sufficiency of Him who formedthe great deep, and whose care is so extensive that a sparrow falls not withoutHis notice; and thus in a tender frame of mind I spoke to them of the necessityof our yielding in true obedience to the instructions of our Heavenly Father,who sometimes through adversities intendeth our refinement. The gift is pure; and while the eye is single in attending thereto theunderstanding is preserved clear; self is kept out. We rejoice in filling upthat which remains of the afflictions of Christ for His body's sake, which isthe Church. 欧美A片_E欧美性情一线免费HTTP_aⅴ在天堂线网在线观看 Jack put on an air of swaggering bravado. "Oh, all right! I'm sick of the job anyhow! I wouldn't work for you now for ten times the salary!" During this period of stress and heat I met a man, fine, clean, mature and not seemingly bothered with sex at all. I kissed him intimately too, but it was very different. He had great respect for me, and he believed in me. I respected him, admired his artistic soul and his keen mind. There was no sex talk with him, it was music and world-views and philosophy. He never made any rash statements, nor false steps. He could sense a situation without touching it, and I felt drawn to him. I knew he had never been with a woman and he told me once that he could never express 96more than he felt for a person, and could sustain. After five years of friendship we married. There was no great flair to it; it was an inner necessity that drove us to it; we could no longer escape each other. We tried to figure it out, but the riddle always said marry. Sexually I had more experience than he, I was his first mistress, his wife, his best friend, and his mother, and no matter what our moods were, in one of these capacities I was needed by him. Our adjustment was difficult; he had lived alone for thirty years. I was used to having my own way, and he was a very sensitive man, nervous, sure of his opinion, and we quarreled for a while, but never very bitterly. Sexually we were both afraid of offending the other and so that was slow. But in four months we had found our heads again and were well adjusted. He was, and is, the best friend I ever had. I love him more as I know him longer. We can share everything, we are utterly honest and frank with each other, we enjoy our sex life tremendously as well as our friendship. But it was difficult for us to abandon ourselves. To allow any one to know you better than you know yourself is a huge and serious thing and calls for time and love and humor. I have frequently found a necessity to stand up when the spring of theministry was low, and to speak from the necessity in that which subjecteth thewill of the creature; and herein I was united with the suffering seed, andfound inward sweetness in these mortifying labours. As I have been preserved ina watchful attention to the divine Leader, under these dispensations,enlargement at times hath followed, and the power of truth hath risen higher insome meetings than I ever knew it before through me. Thus I have been more andmore instructed as to the necessity of depending, not upon a concern which Ifelt in America to come on a visit to England, but upon the daily instructionsof Christ, the Prince of Peace. "Why," replied my uncle, "it's a figure-head." Town house: No. 9 East ?St. (Dec. 1st to May 1st.)