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My beloved friend wept when I spake to him, and appeared glad that I hadthoughts of going in the vessel with him, though my prospect was toward thesteerage: and he offering to go with me, we went on board, first into the cabin-- a commodious room -- and then into the steerage, where we sat down on achest, the sailors being busy about us. The owner of the ship also came and satdown with us. My mind was turned towards Christ, the heavenly Counsellor, andfeeling at this time my own will subjected, my heart was contrite before Him. Amotion was made by the owner to go and sit in the cabin, as a place moreretired; but I felt easy to leave the ship, and, making no agreement as to apassage in her, told the owner if I took a passage in the ship I believed itwould be in the steerage; but did not say much as to my exercise in that case. The Yearly Meeting being now over, there yet remained on my mind a secretthough heavy exercise, in regard to some leading active members about Newport,who were in the practice of keeping slaves. This I mentioned to two ancientFriends who came out of the country, and proposed to them, if way opened, tohave some conversation with those members. One of them and I, having consultedone of the most noted elders who had slaves, he, in a respectful manner,encouraged me to proceed to clear myself of what lay upon me. Near thebeginning of the Yearly Meeting, I had had a private conference with this saidelder and his wife concerning their slaves, so that the way seemed clear to meto advise with him about the manner of proceeding. Surely the Lord calls to mourning and deep humiliation, that in His fear wemay be instructed and led safely through the great difficulties andperplexities in this present age. In an entire subjection of our wills, theLord graciously opens a way for His people, where all their wants are boundedby His wisdom; and here we experience the substance of what Moses the prophetfigured out in the water of separation as a purification from sin. From hence I went back into Virginia, and had a meeting near JamesCowpland's; it was a time of inward suffering, but through the goodness of theLord I was made content; at another meeting, through the renewings of purelove, we had a very comfortable season. "It doth not appear that the Israelites were then scarce of water, but ratherthat David gave way to delicacy of taste; and having reflected on the danger towhich these men had been exposed, he considered this water as their blood, andhis heart smote him that he could not drink it, but he poured it out to theLord. The oppression of the slaves which I have seen in several journeyssouthward on this continent, and the report of their treatment in the WestIndies, have deeply affected me, and a care to live in the spirit of peace andminister no just cause of offence to my fellow-creatures having from time totime livingly revived in my mind, I have for some years past declined togratify my palate with those sugars. Some time after this minute was made I remained uneasy with the manner of myspeaking to the ancient Friend, and could not see my way clear to conceal myuneasiness, though I was concerned that I might say nothing to weaken the causein which I had laboured. After some close exercise and hearty repentence fornot having attended closely to the safe guide, I stood up, and, reciting thepassage, acquainted Friends that though I durst not go from what I had said asto the matter, yet I was uneasy with the manner of my speaking, believingmilder language would have been better. As this was uttered in some degree ofcreaturely abasement after a warm debate, it appeared to have a good savouramongst us. 日本黄色-影院在线 From my lodgings I went to Burleigh Meeting, where I felt my mind drawn in aquiet, resigned state. After a long silence I felt an engagement to stand up,and through the powerful operation of divine love we were favoured with anedifying meeting. The next meeting we had was at Blackwater, and from thencewent to the Yearly Meeting at the Western Branch. When business began, somequeries were introduced by some of their members for consideration, and, ifapproved, they were to be answered hereafter by their respective MonthlyMeetings. They were the Pennsylvania queries, which had been examined by acommittee of Virginia Yearly Meeting appointed the last year, who made somealterations in them, one of which alterations was made in favour of a customwhich troubled me. Does malice, when ripe, become revengeful, and in the end inflict terriblepains on our fellow-creatures and spread desolations in the world? I have felt great distress of mind since I came on this island, on accountof the members of our Society being mixed with the world in various sorts oftraffic, carried on in impure channels. Great is the trade to Africa forslaves; and for the loading of these ships a great number of people areemployed in their factories, among whom are many of our Society. Friends inearly times refused on a religious principle to make or trade in superfluities,of which we have many testimonies on record; but for want of faithfulness,some, whose examples were of note in our Society, gave way, from which otherstook more liberty. Members of our Society worked in superfluities, and boughtand sold them, and thus dimness of sight came over many; at length Friends gotinto the use of some superfluities in dress and in the furniture of theirhouses, which hath spread from less to more, till superfluity of some kinds iscommon among us. "Doth pride lead to vanity? Doth vanity form imaginary wants? Do these wantsprompt men to exert their power in requiring more from others than they wouldbe willing to perform themselves, were the same required of them? Do theseproceedings beget hard thoughts? Do hard thoughts, when ripe, become malice? Dwell here, my dear friends; and then in remote and solitary deserts you mayfind true peace and satisfaction. If the Lord be God, in truth and reality,there is safety for us: for He is a stronghold in the day of trouble, andknoweth them that trust in Him.