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Next comes the deliverance of the princes, which took place little more than three months before my return to India. These facts, known to every person in Abyssinia, the correctness of which will be vouched for by every member of the Mission, and the whole particulars of which were laid at the time before the Indian and British governments, may, perhaps, suffice to show in what spirit I have been criticised, and how totally unscrupulous my assailants have been. The gross misstatements disseminated anonymously through some of the public journals, and repeated by the candid reviewer, I have already publicly contradicted with my name. I here also contradict the assertion, that the king remained silent during my sojourn on the frontier. What object the sage reviewer would propose by my going back to take a second leave of His Majesty, when such is the etiquette of no country in the whole world, and my public duties imperatively required my presence at F谩rri, the reader will be, as I am, at some loss to comprehend. Thy friend, JOHN WOOLMAN. We attended the Quarterly Meeting at Sandwich, in company with Ann Gaunt andMercy Redman, which was preceded by a Monthly Meeting, and in the whole heldthree days. We were in various ways exercised amongst them, in gospel love,according to the several gifts bestowed on us, and were at times overshadowedwith the virtue of truth, to the comfort of the sincere and stirring up of thenegligent. Here we parted with Ann and Mercy, and went to Rhode Island, takingone meeting in our way, which was a satisfactory time. Reaching Newport theevening before their Quarterly Meeting, we attended it, and after that had ameeting with our young people, separated from those of other societies. We wentthrough much labour in this town; and now, in taking leave of it, though I feltclose inward exercise to the last, I found inward peace, and was in some degree comforted in a belief that a good number remain in that place who retain asense of truth, and that there are some young people attentive to the voice ofthe Heavenly Shepherd. The last meeting, in which Friends from the severalparts of the quarter came together, was a select meeting, and through therenewed manifestation of the Father's love the hearts of the sincere wereunited together. The empires and kingdoms of the earth are subject to His almighty power. Heis the God of the spirits of all flesh, and deals with His people agreeably tothat wisdom, the depth whereof is to us unsearchable. We in these provinces maysay, He hath, as a gracious and tender parent, dealt bountifully with us, evenfrom the days of our fathers. It was He who strengthened them to labour throughthe difficulties attending the improvement of a wilderness, and made way forthem in the hearts of the natives, so that by them they were comforted in timesof want and distress. It was by the gracious influences of His Holy Spirit thatthey were disposed to work righteousness, and walk uprightly towards each otherand towards the natives; in life and conversation to manifest the excellency ofthe principles and doctrines of the Christian religion, whereby they retaintheir esteem and friendship. Whilst they were labouring for the necessaries oflife, many of them were fervently engaged to promote pity and virtue in theearth, and to educate their children in the fear of the Lord. Being thus helped to sink down into resignation, I felt a deliverance fromthat tempest in which I had been sorely exercised, and in calmness of mind wentforward, trusting that the Lord Jesus Christ, as I faithfully attended to Him, would be a counsellor to me in all difficulties, and that by His strength Ishould be enabled even to leave money with the members of society where I hadentertainment, when I found that omitting it would obstruct that work to whichI believed He had called me. As I copy this after my return, I may here addthat oftentimes I did so under a sense of duty. The way in which I did it wasthus: When I expected soon to leave a Friend's house where I had entertainment,if I believed that I should not keep clear from the gain of oppression withoutleaving money, I spoke to one of the heads of the family privately, and desiredthem to accept of those pieces of silver, and give them to such of theirnegroes as they believed would make the best use of them; and at other times Igave them to the negroes myself, as the way looked clearest to me. Before Icame out, I had provided a large number of small pieces for this purpose, andthus offering them to some who appeared to be wealthy people was a trial bothto me and them. But the fear of the Lord so covered me at times that my way wasmade easier than I expected; and few, if any, manifested any resentment at theoffer, and most of them, after some conversation, accepted of them. "To trade freely with oppressors without labouring to dissuade them from suchunkind treatment, and to seek for gain by such traffic, tends, I believe, tomake them more easy respecting their conduct than they would be, if the causeof universal righteousness was humbly and firmly attended to by those ingeneral with whom they have commerce; and that complaint of the Lord by hisprophet, "They have strengthened the hands of the wicked," hath very oftenrevived in my mind. I may here add some circumstances which occurred to mebefore I had any prospect of a visit there. David longed for some water in awell beyond an army of Philistines who were at war with Israel, and some of his men, to please him, ventured their lives in passing through this army, andbrought that water. 开心五月天_五月天开心激情网_开心情色站_开心播播网 Having at times perceived a shyness in some Friends of considerable notetowards me, I found an engagement in gospel love to pay a visit to one of them;and as I dwelt under the exercise, I felt a resignedness in my mind to go andtell him privately that I had a desire to have an opportunity with him alone;to this proposal he readily agreed, and then, in the fear of the Lord, thingsrelating to that shyness were searched to the bottom, and we had a largeconference, which, I believe was of use to both of us, and I am thankful thatway was opened for it. � "I do not censure my brethren in these things, but I believe the Father ofMercies, to whom all mankind by creation are equally related, hath heard thegroans of this oppressed people, and that He is preparing some to have a tenderfeeling of their condition. Trading in, or the frequent use of any produceknown to be raised by the labour of those who are under such lamentableoppression, hath appeared to be a subject which may hereafter require the moreserious consideration of the humble followers of Christ, the Prince of Peace. Vegetation having here assumed a luxuriance known to none of the joyless and unproductive regions hitherto traversed, it is with some difficulty that the pilgrim, anxious to behold the rare phenomenon of a running stream, forces his way through the dense thickets, which, until the foot touches the very brink of the precipitous bank, so completely screen the silent river from view, that its very existence might almost be questioned. But after a persevering struggle, further progress was at length arrested by a deep volume of turbid water, covered with drift-wood, which rolled at the rate of some three miles an hour, between steep clayey walls twenty-five feet in height, bounding a mere break through the mud and sand. The breadth of the channel fell short of sixty yards, and the flood was not yet at its maximum; but its depth and violence, added to the broad belt of tamarisk and acacia, interlaced by large creepers and parasites, which hems in both sides, promised to offer much difficulty and delay in the coming passage. Pensive willows that drooped mournfully over the troubled current were festooned with recent drift, hanging many feet above the level of the abrupt banks; and this appearance, no less than the rubbish scattered over the borders, fully proved the assertion of the natives that the water had recently been out, to the overflowing of the adjacent flat country for many miles. Ambeesa sought not his dark mistress, but snatching the spear and buckler which had been carefully deposited in a corner of the cabin, stalked forth without uttering a syllable. Passing his own hut in mental abstraction, he took the road to the brook, and throwing himself upon his face, drew a deep draught to allay the fever that consumed him. Then whetting his brass-mounted creese to the keenest edge upon a smooth stone, he muttered a dread oath betwixt his clenched teeth, and strode moodily across the sandy plain.