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Whitewater World was still alive and well in May, as Kenneth Starr, despite his defeat in the Susan McDougal trial, pursued his case against Julie Hiatt Steele. The case ended in a hung jury; in conservative northern Virginia, it was another setback for the independent counsel and his tactics. After all Starrs efforts to get into the Jones case, the only person who was indicted as a result was Steele, another innocent bystander who refused to lie. Starrs office had now conducted four trials and lost three. � � � � For Sculley, the problem was that Jobs, when he was no longer in courtship or manipulative mode, was frequently obnoxious, rude, selfish, and nasty to other people. He found Jobs鈥檚 boorish behavior as despicable as Jobs found Sculley鈥檚 lack of passion for product details. Sculley was kind, caring, and polite to a fault. At one point they were planning to meet with Xerox鈥檚 vice chair Bill Glavin, and Sculley begged Jobs to behave. But as soon as they sat down, Jobs told Glavin, 鈥淵ou guys don鈥檛 have any clue what you鈥檙e doing,鈥?and the meeting broke up. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, but I couldn鈥檛 help myself,鈥?Jobs told Sculley. It was one of many such cases. As Atari鈥檚 Al Alcorn later observed, 鈥淪culley believed in keeping people happy and worrying about relationships. Steve didn鈥檛 give a shit about that. But he did care about the product in a way that Sculley never could, and he was able to avoid having too many bozos working at Apple by insulting anyone who wasn鈥檛 an A player.鈥? chinese中国China自拍|亚洲极美女高清视频|一级毛片 In 1965, the Selma march galvanized the conscience of the nation. Five months later, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law. Before the Voting Rights Act, there were only 300 black elected officials at any level, and just three African-American congressmen. In 2000, there were nearly 9,000 black elected officials and 39 members of the Congressional Black Caucus. � � � My whole trip became defined for the Turks by the visit to the quake victims. When I held a young child in my arms, he reached up and grabbed my nose, just as Chelsea used to do when she was a toddler. A photographer got a shot of it, and the picture was in all the Turkish papers the next day. One of them carried it with the headline, Hes a Turk!