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"Prayer, at this day, in pure resignation, is a precious place: the trumpetis sounded; the call goes forth to the Church that she gather to the place ofpure inward prayer; and her habitation is safe." Near the conclusion of the meeting for business, Friends were incited toconstancy in supporting the testimony of truth, and reminded of the necessitywhich the disciples of Christ are under to attend principally to His businessas He is pleased to open it to us, and to be particularly careful to have ourminds redeemed from the love of wealth, and our outward affairs in as littleroom as may be, that no temporal concerns may entangle our affections, orhinder us from diligently following the dictates of truth in labouring topromote the pure spirit of meekness and heavenly-mindedness amongst thechildren of men in these days of calamity and distress, wherein God is visitingour land with His just judgments. I often feel a tenderness of heart towards these poor lads, and at times lookat them as though they were my children according to the flesh. Chapter 34 "With pleasure, Mr. Trevena. You see, I obtained your name from the steward, and have gathered some particulars about the 'Fortuna.' But to proceed to the story of my adventures. My name is Arthur Conolly, by profession I am a doctor of medicine, by choice I would be a yachtsman, for the sea always had a strong attraction for me. When at home I live in Dublin攐r 'dear dirty Dublin,' as my compatriots fondly term it攂ut on every suitable opportunity I cruise around the British Isles in my three-tonner 'Sea Shell,' or rather, I should say, I cruised, for my snug little craft is unfortunately at the bottom of the sea. Now, as I have been with them in my lodge, my heart hath often yearned forthem, and tender desires have been raised in me that all owners and masters ofvessels may dwell in the love of God and therein act uprightly, and by seekingless for gain and looking carefully to their ways they may earnestly labour toremove all cause of provocation from the poor seamen, so that they may neitherfret nor use excess of strong drink; for, indeed, the poor creatures, in thewet and cold, seem to apply at times to strong drink to supply the want ofother convenience. Great reformation is wanting in the world, and the necessityof it among those who do business on great waters hath at this time beenabundantly opened before me. w日本高清视频m免费|近親相姦高清完整版|88影视网亲爱的热爱的电视剧大全 � Oh that all may take heed and beware of covetousness! Oh that all may learnof Christ, who was meek and lowly of heart. Then, in faithfully following Him,He will teach us to be content with food and raiment without respect to thecustoms or honours of this world. Men thus redeemed will feel a tender concernfor their fellow-creatures, and a desire that those in the lowest stations may be assisted and encouraged, and where owners of ships attain to the perfect lawof liberty and are doers of the Word, these will be blessed in their deeds. � � �