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These Friends informed me that an express had arrived the last morning fromPittsburg, and brought news that the Indians had taken a fort from the Englishwestward, and had slain and scalped some English people near the saidPittsburg, and in divers places. � On January 3, 1977, the new corporation, the Apple Computer Co., was officially created, and it bought out the old partnership that had been formed by Jobs and Wozniak nine months earlier. Few people noticed. That month the Homebrew surveyed its members and found that, of the 181 who owned personal computers, only six owned an Apple. Jobs was convinced, however, that the Apple II would change that. In the depth of misery, O Lord! I remembered that Thou art omnipotent; that Ihad called Thee Father; and I felt that I loved Thee, and I was made quiet inmy will, and I waited for deliverance from Thee. Thou hadst pity upon me whenno man could help me. I saw that meekness under suffering was showed to us inthe most affecting example of Thy Son, and Thou taught me to follow Him, and Isaid, 'Thy will, O Father, be done.'"Fourth day morning. -- Being asked how he felt himself he meekly answered, "Idon't know that I have slept this night; I feel the disorder making itsprogress, but my mind is mercifully preserved in stillness and peace." Sometime after, he said he was sensible that the pains of death must be hard tobear, and if he escaped them now, he must sometime pass through them, and hedid not know that he could be better prepared, but had no will in it. He saidhe had settled his outward affairs to his mind, had taken leave of his wife andfamily as never to return, leaving them to the divine protection, adding,"Though I feel them near to me at this time, yet I have freely given them up,having a hope that they will be provided for." And a little after said, "Thistrial is made easier than I could have thought, my will being wholly takenaway; if I was anxious for the event it would have been harder; but I am not,and my mind enjoys a perfect calm."In the night, a young woman having given him something to drink, he said, "Mychild, thou seemest very kind to me, a poor creature; the Lord will reward theefor it." Awhile after he cried out with great earnestness of spirit, "O myFather! my Father! how comfortable art Thou to my soul in this trying season!"Being asked if he could take a little nourishment, after some pause he replied,"My child, I cannot tell what to say to it; I seem nearly arrived where my soulshall have rest from all its troubles." After giving in something to beinserted in his journal, he said, "I believe the Lord will now excuse me fromexercises of this kind; and I see no work but one, which is to be the lastwrought by me in this world; the messenger will come that will release me fromall these troubles, but it must be in the Lord's time, which I am waiting for."He said he had laboured to do whatever was required according to the abilityreceived, in the rememberance of which he had peace; and though the disorder was strong at times, and would like a whirlwind come over his mind, yet it hadhitherto been kept steady and centred in everlasting love; adding, "And if thatbe mercifully continued, I ask and desire no more." Another time he said he hadlong had a view of visiting this nation, and some time before he came, had adream, in which he saw himself in the northern parts of it, and that the springof the Gospel was opened in Him much as it was in the beginning of Friends,such as George Fox and William Dewsbury, and he saw the different states of thepeople as clear as he had ever seen flowers in a garden; but in his going alonghe was suddenly stopped, though he could not see for what end; but, lookingtoward home, fell into a flood of tears, which waked him. THIS our valuable friend having been under a religious engagement for some timeto visit Friends in this nation, and more especially us in the northern parts,undertook the same in full concurrence and near sympathy with his friends andbrethren at home, as appeared by certificates from the Monthly and QuarterlyMeetings to which he belonged, and from the Spring Meeting of ministers andelders held at Philadelphia for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their chiefs have often complained of this in their treaties with theEnglish. Where cunning people pass counterfeits and impose on others that whichis good for nothing, it is considered as wickedness; but for the sake of gainto sell that which we know does people harm, and which often works their ruin,manifests a hardened and corrupt heart, and is an evil which demands the careof all true lovers of virtue to suppress. While my mind this evening was thusemployed, I also remembered that the people on the frontiers, among whom thisevil is too common, are often poor; and that they venture to the outside of thecolony in order to live more independently of the wealthy, who often set highrents on their land. I was renewedly confirmed in a belief, that, if all ourinhabitants lived according to sound wisdom, labouring to promote universallove and righteousness, and ceased from every inordinate desire after wealth,and from all customs which are tinctured with luxury, the way would be easy forour inhabitants, though they might be much more numerous than at present, tolive comfortably on honest employments, without the temptation they are sooften under of being drawn into schemes to make settlements on lands which havenot been purchased of the Indians, or of applying to that wicked practice ofselling rum to them. 久久综合久久鬼色,久久女婷五月综合色啪,色久久好,色久久综合视频本道88 � "To trade freely with oppressors without labouring to dissuade them from suchunkind treatment, and to seek for gain by such traffic, tends, I believe, tomake them more easy respecting their conduct than they would be, if the causeof universal righteousness was humbly and firmly attended to by those ingeneral with whom they have commerce; and that complaint of the Lord by hisprophet, "They have strengthened the hands of the wicked," hath very oftenrevived in my mind. I may here add some circumstances which occurred to mebefore I had any prospect of a visit there. David longed for some water in awell beyond an army of Philistines who were at war with Israel, and some of his men, to please him, ventured their lives in passing through this army, andbrought that water. My cabinets honest and very different reactions gave me a direct sense of what was going on in conversations all across America. As the impeachment hearings grew closer, I received many letters from friends and strangers alike. Some of the letter writers offered touching words of support and encouragement; some told their own stories of failure and recovery; some expressed outrage over the actions of Starr; some were full of condemnation and disappointment over what I had done; and still others reflected a combination of all these views. Reading the letters helped me to deal with my own emotions, and to remember that if I wanted to be forgiven, I had to forgive. Having of late often travelled in wet weather through narrow streets in townsand villages, where dirtiness under foot and the scent arising from that filthwhich more or less infects the air of all thickly-settled towns weredisagreeable; and, being but weakly, I have felt distress both in body and mindwith that which is impure. In these journeys I have been where much cloth hathbeen dyed, and have, at sundry times, walked over ground where much of theirdye-stuffs has drained away. This hath produced a longing in my mind thatpeople might come into cleanness of spirit, cleanness of person, and cleannessabout their houses and garments. The twelfth was a day I had hoped would never come; Bob Rubin was returning to private life. I believed he had been the best and most important Treasury secretary since Alexander Hamilton in the early days of our Republic. Bob had also been the first head of the National Economic Council. In both positions he had played a decisive role in our efforts to restore economic growth and spread its benefits to more Americans, to prevent and contain financial crisis abroad, and to modernize the international financial system to deal with a global economy in which more than one trillion dollars crossed national borders every day. He had also been a rock of stability during the impeachment ordeal, not only speaking up at the meeting when I apologized to my cabinet, but also constantly reminding our people that they should be proud of what they were doing, and cautioning them not to be too judgmental. One of our younger people said that Bob had told him that if he lived long enough, he would do something hed be ashamed of, too.