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� 鈥淲hat!鈥?cried Raffles, 鈥渨ith that house on his hands?鈥? "I don't know why you do it. Make Backfield get a girl to help you." It is strange to me since that I never once felt pity for him and offered to stop: the truth is, he had bullied me so relentlessly and continually, had wounded my pride so often in public that even at the end I was filled with cold rage against him. I noticed everything: I saw that a couple of the Sixth went away towards the schoolhouse and afterwards returned with Shaddy, the second master. As they came round the haystack, Jones came out into the ring; he struck savagely right and left as I came within striking distance, but I slipped in outside his weaker left and hit him as hard as I could, first right, then left on the chin and down he went on his back. � 鈥淭his fight must stop now鈥? he said loudly, 鈥渋f another blow is struck or word said, I鈥檒l report the disobedience to the Doctor.鈥?Without a word I went and put on my coat and waistcoat and collar, while his friends of the Sixth escorted Jones to the school-house. 99re久久热在线视频精品/这里只有精品 � CHAPTER XX. AFTER THE SKIRMISH � The Malays still read and write, have some literature and retain many of the arts and usages of civilization, but they are now very far below the condition indicated by their ancient ruins, and described by El Masudi, who traveled among them a thousand years ago. 鈥淣ot seriously, Mr. Raffles. I knew the old stale taste too well. It must have been the best part of a bottle I had before you got down.鈥?