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Cairness had gone out to hitch the horses. When he came in he spoke to Mrs. Lawton, as one possessed of authority. He told her to lie down if she wanted to. "With your leave, Mrs. Taylor?" he added. Mrs. Taylor was already beside her, fussing kindly and being met with scant courtesy. She threw him an indifferent "I am not afraid, not of anything." It was a boast, but he had reason to know that it was one she could make good. 淵es!?cried Whiteside Everdail攁s they now learned his name was斺 grew up hating Atley Everdail檚 family. I enlisted in the flying corps, got into his esquadrille, made a buddy of him, won his trust! � "I represent, sir, the citizens of San Tomaso." After tea the ranchers settled down to smoke and read. The Reverend Taylor brought out his collection of specimens and dilated upon them to Cairness. 33194con免费视频观看_综合自拍亚洲综合图区_欧美一级毛 片在线观看 � Boarzell, not Alice, should be his. He muttered the words aloud as he strained his eyes into the darkness, tracing the beloved outline. He despised himself for having wavered even in thought. Through blood and tears攐thers' and his own攈e would wade to Boarzell, and conquer it at last. From that night all would be changed, the past should be thrust behind him, he would pull himself together, make himself a man. Alice must go where everything else had gone攎other, wife, children, friends, and love. Thank God! Boarzell was worth more to him than all these. � Cairness was still in his dust-grayed outfit, his hair was below where his collar would have been had he been wearing one, and his nose was on its way to at least the twentieth new skin that summer. In all his years of the frontier, he had never become too well tanned to burn. His appearance was not altogether reassuring, Stone thought. He was not only an ass, he[Pg 172] was also tough攖he sort of a fellow with whom it was as well to remember that your six-shooter is beneath the last copy of your paper, on the desk at your elbow. �