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[450] and that all who appoint meetings may proceed in the pure feeling of duty! As he went, he drew a ring from his finger, and glancing hastily round, to make sure that he was unobserved, he flung it far into the dusky shadow of a garden thicket. Only the day before, a friend had said to him,?Roath, do you know that the stone is gone from your ring?" and he had answered,?Yes; and I am sorry to have lost it, for it was my father's." And he had proceeded to point out the antique setting, and to describe the peculiar shape and tint of the gem which it had inclosed. He gnashed his teeth as he recalled the short, but momentous conversation. But for that, he would not have fled. This stock is the contribution of the members of our religious society ingeneral, among whom are some who keep negroes, and, being inclined to continuethem in slavery, are not likely to be satisfied with such books being spreadamong a people, especially at their own expense, many of whose slaves aretaught to read, and such, receiving them as a gift, often conceal them. But asthey who make a purchase generally buy that which they have a mind for, Ibelieved it best to sell them, expecting by that means they would moregenerally be read with attention. Advertisements were signed by order of theoverseers of the press, and directed to be read in the Monthly Meetings ofbusiness within our own Yearly Meeting, informing where the books were, andthat the price was no more than the cost of printing and binding them. Manywere taken off in our parts; some I sent to Virginia, some to New York, some tomy acquaintance at Newport, and some I kept, intending to give part of themaway, where there appeared a prospect of service. "Doth pride lead to vanity? Doth vanity form imaginary wants? Do these wantsprompt men to exert their power in requiring more from others than they wouldbe willing to perform themselves, were the same required of them? Do theseproceedings beget hard thoughts? Do hard thoughts, when ripe, become malice? Increase of Population擭ature of its Employment擶ealth of the Nation擳he Cotton Trade擧osiery擳he Silk and Woollen Trades擫inen Goods擬inerals and Coal擧ardware and Cutlery擱oads擱ailways擲teamboats擳he Coasting Trade擳raffic between England and Ireland擨mports and Exports擟offee and Tea擳he Revenue擧ouses and Carriages擱eal Property and Savings-banks擯opular Education擜melioration of Criminal Legislation擡ffect of Education on Crime擳he Religious Bodies擳he Irvingites擱eligious Leaders in England, Scotland, and Ireland擯rogress of Science擬athematicians擜stronomers: Herschel and Lord Rosse擠iscoveries in Light by Brewster and others擨rish Men of Science擬rs. Somerville, Wheatstone, Daguerre, and Fox Talbot擟avendish and Dalton擬echanicians: Sir Marc Brunel擝abbage擳he Fine Arts: Turner擫awrence and Wilkie擧aydon擲culpture擜rchitects: Soane, Barry, and the Pugins擧istorians: Mackintosh, Lingard, and Hallam擭apier and Gurwood擝iographers: Moore and Lockhart擬iscellaneous Writers擟heap Literature擲ir Walter Scott擫ady Blessington and Lady Morgan擬rs. Hemans擫. E. L.擯ollok擯rofessor Wilson ("Christopher North")擲heridan Knowles and Bulwer Lytton擬anners and Morals擜lmack's擮ther Amusements擡nglish Cookery擧yde Park擬ale and Female Costume. 日本无码不卡中文免费v,一本道av一区到六区不卡免费播放 As some of their members have heretofore traded in negroes, as in othermerchandise, this query being admitted will be one step further than they havehitherto gone, and I did not see it my duty to press for an alteration, butfelt easy to leave it all to Him who alone is able to turn the hearts of themighty, and make way for the spreading of truth on the earth, by meansagreeable to his infinite wisdom. In regard to those they already had, I feltmy mind engaged to labour with them, and said that, as we believe theScriptures were given forth by holy men, as they were moved by the Holy Ghost,and many of us know by experience that they are often helpful and comfortable,and believe ourselves bound in duty to teach our children to read them; Ibelieved that if we were divested of all selfish views, the same good Spiritthat gave them forth would engage us to teach the negroes to read, that theymight have the benefit of them. Some present manifested a concern to take morecare in the education of their negroes. This was the first night that we lodged in the woods, and being wet withtravelling in the rain, as were also our blankets, the ground, our tent, andthe bushes under which we purposed to lay, all looked discouraging; but Ibelieved that it was the Lord who had thus far brought me forward, and that Hewould dispose of me as He saw good, and so I felt easy. We kindled a fire, withour tent open to it, then laid some bushes next the ground, and put ourblankets upon them for our bed, and, lying down, got some sleep. In themorning, feeling a little unwell, I went into the river; the water was cold,but soon after I felt fresh and well. About eight o'clock we set forward andcrossed a high mountain supposed to be upward of four miles over, the northside being the steepest. About noon we were overtaken by one of the Moravianbrethren going to Wehaloosing, and an Indian man with him who could talkEnglish; and we being together while our horses ate grass had some friendlyconversation; but they, travelling faster than we, soon left us. This Moravian,I understood, has this spring spent some time at Wehaloosing, and was invitedby some of the Indians to come again. I look at that precious gift bestowed on thee with awfulness before Him whogave it, and feel a desire that we may be so separated to the gospel of Christ,that those things which proceed from the spirit of this world may have no placeamong us. HE latter part of the summer, 1763, there came a man to Mount Holly who hadpreviously published a printed advertisement that at a certain public-house he would show many wonderful operations, which were therein enumerated. At theappointed time he did, by sleight of hand, perform sundry things which appearedstrange to the spectators. Understanding that the show was to be repeated thenext night, and that the people were to meet about sunset, I felt an exerciseon that account. So I went to the public-house in the evening, and told the manof the house that I had an inclination to spend a part of the evening there;with which he signified that he was content. Then, sitting down by the door, Ispoke to the people in the fear of the Lord, as they came together, concerningthis show, and laboured to convince them that their thus assembling to seethese sleight-of-hand tricks, and bestowing their money to support men who, inthat capacity, were of no use to the world, was contrary to the nature of theChristian religion. One of the company endeavoured to show by arguments thereasonableness of their proceedings herein; but after considering some texts ofScripture and calmly debating the matter he gave up the point. After spendingabout an hour among them, and feeling my mind easy, I departed. We lodged at Bethlehem, and there parting with John, William and we wentforward on the 9th of the Sixth Month, and got lodging on the floor of a house,about five miles from Fort Allen. Here we parted with William, and at thisplace we met with an Indian trader lately come from Wyoming. In conversationwith him, I perceived that many white people often sell rum to the Indians,which I believe is a great evil. In the first place, they are thereby deprivedof the use of reason, and, their spirits being violently agitated, quarrelsoften arise which end in mischief, and the bitterness and resentment occasionedhereby are frequently of long continuance. Again, their skins and furs, gottenthrough much fatigue and hard travels in hunting, with which they intended tobuy clothing, they often sell at a low rate for more rum, when they becomeintoxicated; and afterward, when they suffer for want of the necessaries oflife, are angry with those who, for the sake of gain, took advantage of theirweakness.