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We then went to Choptank and Third Haven, and thence to Queen Anne's. Theweather for some days past having been hot and dry, and we having travelledpretty steadily and having hard labour in meetings, I grew weakly, at which Iwas for a time discouraged; but looking over our journey and considering howthe Lord had supported our minds and bodies, so that we had gone forward muchfaster than I expected before we came out, I saw that I had been in danger oftoo strongly desiring to get quickly through the journey, and that the bodily weakness now attending me was a kindness; and then in contrition of spirit, Ibecame very thankful to my gracious Father for this manifestation of His love,and in humble submission to His will my trust in Him was renewed. When I was at Newbegun Creek a Friend was there who laboured for his living,having no negroes, and who had been a minister many years. He came to me thenext day, and as we rode together he signified that he wanted to talk with me concerning a difficulty he had been under, which he related nearly as follows: On the day before the speech, I sat down with Jim Lehrer of PBSs NewsHour for the first time since our interview two years earlier, right after the storm over my deposition broke. After we went through the achievements of the administration over the previous seven years, Lehrer asked me if I was worried about what historians were going to write about me. The New York Times had just published an editorial saying historians were beginning to say I was a politician with great natural talent and some significant accomplishments who had missed the greatness that once seemed within his grasp. My mind being drawn towards Friends along the seacoast from Cape May to nearSquan, and also to visit some people in those parts, among whom there is nosettled worship, I joined with my beloved friend Benjamin Jones in a visit tothem, having Friends' unity therein. We set off the 24th of Tenth Month, 1765,and had a prosperous and very satisfactory journey, feeling at times, through the goodness of the Heavenly Shepherd, the gospel to flow freely towards a poorpeople scattered in these places. Soon after our return I joined my friendsJohn Sleeper and Elizabeth Smith in a visit to Friends' families at Burlington,there being at this time about fifty families of our Society in that city; andwe had cause humbly to adore our Heavenly Father, who baptized us into afeeling of the state of the people, and strengthened us to labour in truegospel love among them. Near the conclusion of the meeting for business, way opened in the pureflowings of divine love for me to express what lay upon me, which, as it thenarose in my mind, was first to show how deep answers to deep in the hearts ofthe sincere and upright; though, in their different growths, they may not allhave attained to the same clearness in some points relating to our testimony. � 国产成 人 综合 亚洲_成 人 国产系列_欧美AV在线全片 Being informed thereof by letter, I met them in town in the 5th Month, 1763;and after some conversation, finding they were sober people, I, with theconcurrence of Friends in that place, agreed to join them as companions intheir return, and we appointed to meet at Samuel Foulk's, at Richland, in BucksCounty, on the 7th of Sixth Month. Now, as this visit felt weighty, and wasperformed at a time when travelling appeared perilous, so the dispensations ofdivine Providence in preparing my mind for it have been memorable, and Ibelieve it good for me to give some account thereof. At the root of the reality distortion was Jobs鈥檚 belief that the rules didn鈥檛 apply to him. He had some evidence for this; in his childhood, he had often been able to bend reality to his desires. Rebelliousness and willfulness were ingrained in his character. He had the sense that he was special, a chosen one, an enlightened one. 鈥淗e thinks there are a few people who are special鈥攑eople like Einstein and Gandhi and the gurus he met in India鈥攁nd he鈥檚 one of them,鈥?said Hertzfeld. 鈥淗e told Chrisann this. Once he even hinted to me that he was enlightened. It鈥檚 almost like Nietzsche.鈥?Jobs never studied Nietzsche, but the philosopher鈥檚 concept of the will to power and the special nature of the überman came naturally to him. As Nietzsche wrote in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, 鈥淭he spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world.鈥?If reality did not comport with his will, he would ignore it, as he had done with the birth of his daughter and would do years later, when first diagnosed with cancer. Even in small everyday rebellions, such as not putting a license plate on his car and parking it in handicapped spaces, he acted as if he were not subject to the strictures around him. The natural man loveth eloquence, and many love to hear eloquent orations,and if there be not a careful attention to the gift, men who have once labouredin the pure gospel ministry, growing weary of suffering, and ashamed ofappearing weak, may kindle a fire, compass themselves about with sparks, andwalk in the light, not of Christ, who is under suffering, but of that firewhich they in departing from the gift have kindled, in order that those hearerswho have left the meek, suffering state for worldly wisdom may be warmed withthis fire and speak highly of their labours. That which is of God gathers toGod, and that which is of the world is owned by the world. Although Bush was a formidable politician, I still thought Al Gore would win, despite the fact that only two previous vice presidents, Martin Van Buren and George H. W. Bush, had been elected directly from the vice presidency, because the country was in good shape and our administration had strong support. All vice presidents who run for President have two problems: most people dont know what theyve done and dont give them credit for the accomplishments of the administration, and they tend to get typecast as number two men. I had done everything I could to help Al avoid those problems by giving him many high-profile assignments and making sure he received public recognition for his invaluable contribution to our successes. Yet even though he was indisputably the most active and influential vice president in history, there was still a gap between perception and reality. Jobs had begun to drop acid by then, and he turned Brennan on to it as well, in a wheat field just outside Sunnyvale. 鈥淚t was great,鈥?he recalled. 鈥淚 had been listening to a lot of Bach. All of a sudden the wheat field was playing Bach. It was the most wonderful feeling of my life up to that point. I felt like the conductor of this symphony with Bach coming through the wheat.鈥?