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"After long and mournful exercise I am now free to mention how things haveopened in my mind, with desires that, if it may please the Lord further to openHis will to any of His children in this matter, they may faithfully follow Himin such further manifestation. We all did our best to close the vast fund-raising gap and I taped telephone messages that were directed to the homes of Hispanics, blacks, and other likely Democratic voters. Al Gore campaigned vigorously all over the country, and Hillary probably made more appearances than anybody else. When her foot became badly swollen during a campaign stop in New York, a blood clot was discovered behind her right knee and she was put on blood thinners. Dr. Mariano wanted her to stay in bed for a week, but she kept going, giving confidence as well as support to our candidates. I was really concerned about her, but she was determined to push on. As angry as she was with me, she was even more upset about what Starr and the Republicans were trying to do. On inquiry in many places I find the price of rye about five shillings;wheat, eight shillings per bushel; oatmeal, twelve shillings for a hundred andtwenty pounds; mutton from threepence to fivepence per pound; bacon fromsevenpence to ninepence; cheese from fourpence to sixpence; butter fromeightpence to tenpence; house-rent for a poor man from twenty-five shillings toforty shillings per year, to be paid weekly; wood for fire very scarce anddear; coal in some places two shillings and sixpence per hundredweight; butnear the pits not a quarter so much. Oh, may the wealthy consider the poor! Near the beginning of the year 1758, I went one evening, in company with aFriend, to visit a sick person; and before our return we were told of a womanliving near, who had for several days been disconsolate, occasioned by a dream,wherein death, and the judgments of the Almighty after death, were representedto her mind in a moving manner. Her sadness on that account being worn off, theFriend with whom I was in company went to see her, and had some religiousconversation with her and her husband. With this visit they were somewhataffected, and the man, with many tears, expressed his satisfaction. In a shorttime after, the poor man, being on the river in a storm of wind, was with onemore drowned. When we look towards the end of life, and think on the division of oursubstance among our successors, if we know that it was collected in the fear ofthe Lord, in honesty, in equity, and in uprightness of heart before Him, we mayconsider it as His gift to us, and, with a single eye to His blessing, bestowit on those we leave behind us. Such is the happiness of the plain ways of truevirtue. "The work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect ofrighteousness quietness and assurance forever" (Isa. xxxii. 17). The Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia having been under a concern on account ofsome Friends who this summer (1758) had bought negro slaves, proposed to theirQuarterly Meeting to have the minute reconsidered in the Yearly Meeting, whichwas made last on that subject, and the said Quarterly Meeting appointed acommittee to consider it, and to report to their next. This committee havingmet once and adjourned, and I, going to Philadelphia to meet a committee of theYearly Meeting, was in town the evening on which the Quarterly Meeting'scommittee met the second time, and finding an inclination to sit with them, Iwith some others was admitted, and Friends had a weighty conference on thesubject. Soon after their next Quarterly meeting I heard that the case wascoming to our Yearly Meeting. This brought a weighty exercise upon me, andunder a sense of my own infirmities, and the great danger I felt of turningaside from perfect purity, my mind was often drawn to retire alone, and put upmy prayers to the Lord that He would be graciously pleased to strengthen me;that, setting aside all views of self-interest and the friendship of thisworld, I might stand fully resigned to His holy will. 天天操色综合,色姑娘综合网久久,色久久综合桃花网 � We crossed Chester River, had a meeting there, and also at Cecil andSassafras. My bodily weakness, joined with a heavy exercise of mind, was to mean humbling dispensation, and I had a very lively feeling of the state of theoppressed; yet I often thought that what I suffered was little compared withthe sufferings of the blessed Jesus and many of His faithful followers; and Imay say with thankfulness that I was made content. From Sassafras we wentpretty directly home, where we found our families well. For several weeks afterour return I had often to look over our journey; and though to me it appearedas a small service, and that some faithful messengers will yet have more bittercups to drink in those southern provinces for Christ's sake than we have had,yet I found peace in that I had been helped to walk in sincerity according tothe understanding and strength given to me. Some time after this minute was made I remained uneasy with the manner of myspeaking to the ancient Friend, and could not see my way clear to conceal myuneasiness, though I was concerned that I might say nothing to weaken the causein which I had laboured. After some close exercise and hearty repentence fornot having attended closely to the safe guide, I stood up, and, reciting thepassage, acquainted Friends that though I durst not go from what I had said asto the matter, yet I was uneasy with the manner of my speaking, believingmilder language would have been better. As this was uttered in some degree ofcreaturely abasement after a warm debate, it appeared to have a good savouramongst us. Being two days in going to Nantucket, and having been there once before, Iobserved many shoals in their bay, which make sailing more dangerous,especially in stormy nights; also, that a great shoal which encloses theirharbour prevents the entrance of sloops except when the tide is up. Waitingwithout for the rising of the tide is sometimes hazardous in storms, and bywaiting within they sometimes miss a fair wind. I took notice that there was onthat small island a great number of inhabitants, and the soil not very fertile,the timber being so gone that for vessels, fences, and firewood, they depend chiefly on buying from the Main, for the cost whereof, with most of their otherexpenses, they depend principally upon the whale fishery. Twentieth of Ninth Month. -- The committee appointed by the Yearly Meeting tovisit the Quarterly and Monthly Meetings gave an account in writing of theirproceedings in that service. They signified that, in the course of the visit,they had been apprehensive that some persons holding offices in governmentinconsistent with our principles, and others who kept slaves, remaining activemembers in our meetings for discipline, had been one means of weaknessprevailing in some places. After this report was read, an exercise revived inmy mind which had attended me for several years, and inward cries to the Lordwere raised in me that the fear of man might not prevent me from doing what Herequired of me, and, standing up, I spoke in substance as follows: