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In this journey a labour hath attended my mind, that the ministers among usmay be preserved in the meek, feeling life of truth, where we may have nodesire but to follow Christ and to be with Him, that when He is undersuffering, we may suffer with Him, and never desire to rise up in dominion, butas He, by the virtue of His own spirit, may raise up. After a short conference some Friends went out, and, looking over it,expressed their willingness to have it read, which being done, many expressedtheir unity with the proposal, and some signified that to have the subjects ofthe petition enlarged upon, and signed out of meeting by such as were free,would be more suitable than to do it there. Though I expected at first that ifit was done it would be in that way, yet such was the exercise of my mind thatto move it in the hearing of Friends when assembled appeared to me as a duty,for my heart yearned towards the inhabitants of these parts, believing that bythis trade there had been an increase of inquietude amongst them, and way hadbeen made for the spreading of a spirit opposite to that meekness and humilitywhich is a sure resting-place for the soul; and that the continuance of thistrade would not only render their healing more difficult, but would increasetheir malady. My tongue was often so dry that I could not speak till I had moved it aboutand gathered some moisture, and as I lay still for a time I at length felt adivine power prepare my mouth that I could speak, and I then said, "I amcrucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me. In visiting people of note in the Society who had slaves, and labouring withthem in brotherly love on that account, I have seen, and the sight has affectedme, that a conformity to some customs distinguishable from pure wisdom hasentangled many, and that the desire of gain to support these customs hasgreatly opposed the work of truth. Sometimes when the prospect of the workbefore me has been such that in bowedness of spirit I have been drawn intoretired places, and have besought the Lord with tears that He would take mewholly under His direction, and show me the way in which I ought to walk, ithath revived with strength of conviction that if I would be His faithfulservant I must in all things attend to His wisdom, and be teachable, and socease from all customs contrary thereto, however used among religious people. About eleven at night I went out on the deck. The sea wrought exceedingly,and the high, foaming waves round about had in some sort the appearance offire, but did not give much if any light. The sailor at the helm said he latelysaw a corposant at the head of the mast. I observed that the master of the shipordered the carpenter to keep on the deck; and, though he said little, Iapprehended his care was that the carpenter with his axe might be in readinessin case of any emergency. Soon after this the vehemency of the wind abated, andbefore morning they again put the ship under sail. At Jericho, on Long Island, I wrote home as follows: -24th of the Fourth Month, 1760. 亚洲欧美中文日韩视频_日韩_久久人人97超碰 男人天堂 Thus, when the kind invitations and gentle chastisements of a gracious God havenot been attended to, his sore judgments have at times been poured out uponpeople. In the course of a few weeks it pleased the Lord to visit me with a pleurisy;and after I had lain a few days and felt the disorder very grievous, I wasthoughtful how might it end. I had of late, through various exercises, beenmuch weaned from the pleasant things of this life; and I now thought, if itwere the Lord's will to put an end to my labours and graciously to receive meinto the arms of His mercy, death would be acceptable to me; but if it were Hiswill further to refine me under affliction, and to make me in any degree usefulin His Church, I desired not to die. I may with thankfulness say that in thiscase, I felt resignedness wrought in me, and had no inclination to send for adoctor, believing, if it were the Lord's will through outward means to raise meup, some sympathizing Friends would be sent to minister to me; whichaccordingly was the case. But though I was carefully attended, yet the disorderwas at times so heavy that I had no expectation of recovery. One night in particular my bodily distress was great; my feet grew cold, and the coldincreased up my legs towards my body; at that time I had no inclination to askmy nurse to apply anything warm to my feet, expecting my end was near. After Ihad lain near ten hours in this condition, I closed my eyes, thinking whether Imight now be delivered out of the body; but in these awful moments my mind waslivingly opened to behold the Church; and strong engagements were begotten inme for the everlasting well-being of my fellow-creatures. I felt in the springof pure love that I might remain some time longer in the body, to fill upaccording to my measure that which remains of the afflictions of Christ, and tolabour for the good of the Church; after which I requested my nurse to applywarmth to my feet and I revived. The next night, feeling a weighty exercise ofspirit and having a solid Friend sitting up with me, I requested him to writewhat I said, which he did as follows: -Fourth day of the First Month, 1770, about five in the morning. -- "I haveseen in the Light of the Lord that the day is approaching when the man that ismost wise in human policy shall be the greatest fool; and the arm that ismighty to support injustice shall be broken to pieces; the enemies ofrighteousness shall make a terrible rattle, and shall mightily torment oneanother; for He that is omnipotent is rising up to judgment, and will plead thecause of the oppressed; and He commanded me to open the vision."Near a week after this, feeling my mind livingly opened, I sent for aneighbour, who, at my request, wrote as follows: -"The place of prayer is a precious habitation; for I now saw that the prayersof the saints were precious incense; and a trumpet was given to me that I mightsound forth this language; that the children might hear it and be invitedtogether to this precious habitation, where the prayers of the saints, as sweetincense, arise before the throne of God and the Lamb. I saw this habitation tobe safe, -- to be inwardly quiet when there were great stirrings and commotionsin the world. I believe a communication with different parts of the world by sea is attimes consistent with the will of our Heavenly Father, and to educate someyouth in the practice of sailing, I believe, may be right; but how lamentableis the present corruption of the world! How impure are the channels throughwhich trade is conducted! How great is the danger to which poor lads areexposed when placed on shipboard to learn the art of sailing! Five ladstraining up for the seas were on board this ship. Two of them were brought upin our Society, and the other, by name James Naylor, is a member, to whosefather James Naylor, mentioned in Sewel's history, appears to have been uncle. We, from the first settlement of this land, have known little or no troublesof that sort. The profession of our predecessors was for a time accountedreproachful, but at length, their uprightness being understood by the rulers,and their innocent sufferings moving them, our way of worship was tolerated,and many of our members in these colonies became active in civil government. After this sickness I spake not in public meetings for worship for nearly oneyear, but my mind was very often in company with the oppressed slaves as I satin meetings; and though under his dispensation I was shut up from speaking, yetthe spring of the gospel ministry was many times livingly opened in me, and thedivine gift operated by abundance of weeping, in feeling the oppression of thispeople. It being so long since I passed through this dispensation, and thematter remaining fresh and lively in my mind, I believe it safest for me tocommit it to writing.