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About eleven at night I went out on the deck. The sea wrought exceedingly,and the high, foaming waves round about had in some sort the appearance offire, but did not give much if any light. The sailor at the helm said he latelysaw a corposant at the head of the mast. I observed that the master of the shipordered the carpenter to keep on the deck; and, though he said little, Iapprehended his care was that the carpenter with his axe might be in readinessin case of any emergency. Soon after this the vehemency of the wind abated, andbefore morning they again put the ship under sail. Lilias, with downcast eyes, endeavored in vain to woo him from the subject. And Trafford and Lord Selvaine, seeing that while they remained he would talk, rose and said they would take a stroll before the dressing-bell. They went out through the window on to the terrace, and Lord Selvaine rolled a cigarette, but for some time said nothing; he wanted[95] the duke audacious project to work its due effect upon Trafford mind. At last, as they crossed the lawn, he paused, and looked down at the bay beneath them. Being two days in going to Nantucket, and having been there once before, Iobserved many shoals in their bay, which make sailing more dangerous,especially in stormy nights; also, that a great shoal which encloses theirharbour prevents the entrance of sloops except when the tide is up. Waitingwithout for the rising of the tide is sometimes hazardous in storms, and bywaiting within they sometimes miss a fair wind. I took notice that there was onthat small island a great number of inhabitants, and the soil not very fertile,the timber being so gone that for vessels, fences, and firewood, they depend chiefly on buying from the Main, for the cost whereof, with most of their otherexpenses, they depend principally upon the whale fishery. By the breaking in of enraged merciless armies, flourishing countries havebeen laid waste, great numbers of people have perished in a short time, andmany more have been pressed with poverty and grief. By the pestilence, peoplehave died so fast in a city, that, through fear, grief, and confusion, those inhealth have found great difficulty in burying the dead, even without coffins. 淣ever mind, Barker,?she said; can檛 wait any[224] longer. I檒l wear another dress. Shall I help you put the things back?? The case being new and unexpected, I made no answer suddenly, but sat a timesilent, my mind being inward. I was fully convinced that the proceedings inwars are inconsistent with the purity of the Christian religion; and to behired to entertain men, who were then under pay as soldiers, was a difficultywith me. I expected they had legal authority for what they did; and after ashort time I said to the officer, If the men are sent here for entertainment, Ibelieve I shall not refuse to admit them into my house, but the nature of thecase is such that I expect I cannot keep them on hire. One of the men intimatedthat he thought I might do it consistently with my religious principles. Towhich I made no reply, believing silence at that time best for me. Though theyspake of two, there came only one, who tarried at my house about two weeks, andbehaved himself civilly. When the officer came to pay me, I told him I couldnot take pay, having admitted him into my house in a passive obedience to authority. I was on horseback when he spake to me, and as I turned from him, hesaid he was obliged to me; to which I said nothing; but, thinking on theexpression, I grew uneasy; and afterwards, being near where he lived, I wentand told him on what grounds I refused taking pay for keeping the soldier. 一本道久在线88综合,一本道久久综合久久爱,人人日&#,天天av_天天翘_天天色综合 Do affairs relating to civil society call me near this infection? If I go, itis at the hazard of my health and life, and it becomes me to think seriouslywhether love to truth and righteousness is the motive of my attending; whetherthe mannner of proceeding is altogether equitable, or whether aught ofnarrowness, party interest, respect to outward dignities, names, ordistinctions among men, do not stain the beauty of those assemblies, and render it doubtful; in point of duty, whether a disciple of Christ ought to attend asa member united to the body or not. Whenever there are blemishes which for aseries of time remain such, that which is a means of stirring us up to lookattentively on these blemishes, and to labour according to our capacities tohave health and soundness restored in our country, we may justly account akindness from our gracious Father, who appointed that means. � � Of late I have sometimes felt a stop in the appointment of meetings, notwholly but in part: and I do not feel liberty to appoint them so quickly, oneafter another, as I have done heretofore. The work of the ministry being a workof divine love, I feel that the openings thereof are to be waited for in allour appointments. Oh, how deep is divine wisdom! Christ puts forth Hisministers and goeth before them; and oh, how great is the danger of departingfrom the pure feeling of that which leadeth safely! Christ knoweth the state ofthe people, and in the pure feeling of the gospel ministry their states areopened to His servants. Christ knoweth when the fruit-bearing branchesthemselves have need of purging. Oh that these lessons may be remembered by me! Third day. -- He uttered the following prayer: -- "'O Lord, my God! theamazing horrors of darkness were gathered around me, and covered me all over,and I saw no way to go forth; I felt the depth and extent of the misery of myfellow-creatures separated from the divine harmony, and it was heavier than Icould bear, and I was crushed down under it; I lifted up my hand, I stretchedout my arm, but there was none to help me; I looked round about and was amazed.