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John Huss contended against the errors which had crept into the Church, inopposition to the Council of Constance, which the historian reports to haveconsisted of some thousand persons. He modestly vindicated the cause which hebelieved was right; and though his language and conduct towards his judgesappear to have been respectful, yet he never could be moved from the principlessettled in his mind. To use his own words: "This I most humbly require anddesire of you all, even for His sake who is the God of us all, that I be notcompelled to the thing which my conscience doth repugn or strive against." Andagain, in his answer to the Emperor: "I refuse nothing, most noble Emperor,whatsoever the council shall decree or determine upon me, only this one thing Iexcept, that I do not offend God and my conscience."(2) At length, rather thanact contrary to that which he believed the Lord required of him, he chose tosuffer death by fire. Thomas a Kempis, without disputing against the articlesthen generally agreed to, appears to have laboured, by pious example as well asby preaching and writing, to promote virtue and the inward spiritual religion;and I believe they were both sincere-hearted followers of Christ. True charityis an excellent virtue; and sincerely to labour for their good, whose belief inall points doth not agree with ours, is a happy state. Fourteenth of Fifth Month. -- I was this day at Camp Creek Monthly Meeting,and then rode to the mountains up James River, and had a meeting at a Friend'shouse, in both which I felt sorrow of heart, and my tears were poured outbefore the Lord, who was pleased to afford a degree of strength by which waywas opened to clear my mind amongst Friends in those places. From thence I wentto Ford Creek, and so to Cedar Creek again, at which place I now had a meeting. Twenty-sixth of Eighth Month. -- Being now at George Crosfield's, in thecounty of Westmoreland, I feel a concern to commit to writing the followinguncommon circumstance: -In a time of sickness, a little more than two years and a half ago, I wasbrought so near the gates of death that I forgot my name. Being then desirousto know who I was, I saw a mass of matter of a dull gloomy colour between thesouth and the east, and was informed that this mass was human beings in asgreat misery as they could be and live, and that I was mixed with them, andthat henceforth I might not consider myself as a distinct or separate being. Inthis state I remained several hours. I then heard a soft melodious voice, morepure and harmonious than any I had heard with my ears before; I believed it wasthe voice of an angel who spake to the other angels; the words were, "JohnWoolman is dead." I soon remembered that I was once John Woolman, and beingassured that I was alive in the body, I greatly wondered what that heavenlyvoice could mean. I believed beyond doubting that it was the voice of an holyangel, but as yet it was a mystery to me. � We then went to Choptank and Third Haven, and thence to Queen Anne's. Theweather for some days past having been hot and dry, and we having travelledpretty steadily and having hard labour in meetings, I grew weakly, at which Iwas for a time discouraged; but looking over our journey and considering howthe Lord had supported our minds and bodies, so that we had gone forward muchfaster than I expected before we came out, I saw that I had been in danger oftoo strongly desiring to get quickly through the journey, and that the bodily weakness now attending me was a kindness; and then in contrition of spirit, Ibecame very thankful to my gracious Father for this manifestation of His love,and in humble submission to His will my trust in Him was renewed. They mostly appeared to take kindly what I said to them; but their minds wereso deeply impressed with the almost universal depravity among sailors, that thepoor creatures in their answers to me have revived in my remembrance that ofthe degenerate Jews a little before the captivity, as repeated by Jeremiah theprophet, "There is no hope."Now under this exercise a sense of the desire of outward gain prevailingamong us felt grievous; and a strong call to the professed followers of Christ was raised in me that all may take heed lest, through loving this presentworld, they be found in a continued neglect of duty with respect to a faithfullabour for reformation. 色妹妹成人电影-快播电影-伦理电影天堂网 The Van Dongen child was only four years old but terrific. Van Dongen used to do acrobatics with her and swing her around his head by a leg. When she hugged Picasso of whom she was very fond she used almost to destroy him, he had a great fear of her. "I hear as how it's a liddle son...." The following day was market-day at Rye, and Robert and Peter were to take over the cart. Robert was glad of this, for he had made up his mind that he must change the bank-note. If he tried to change it at the Fair or after he had gone away with Bessie it might arouse suspicion; but no one would think anything of his father having so large a sum, and he could offer it when he went to pay the harness bill at the saddler's. As for the pocket-book, he threw that into the horse-pond when no one was looking; it was best out of the way, and the three hundred pounds' worth of certificates it contained meant nothing to him. Though my mind was thus settled in relation to hurtful dyes, I felt easy towear my garments heretofore made, and continued to do so about nine months. �