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Fourth of Sixth Month. -- Wet weather, high winds, and so dark that we couldsee but a little way. I perceived our seamen were apprehensive of the danger ofmissing the channel, which I understood was narrow. In a while it grew lighter,and they saw the land and knew where we were. Thus the Father of Mercies waspleased to try us with the sight of dangers, and then graciously, from time totime, deliver us from them; thus sparing our lives, that in humility andreverence we might walk before Him and put our trust in Him. About noon a pilotcame off from Dover, where my beloved friend Samuel Emlen went on shore andthence to London, about seventy-two miles by land; but I felt easy in stayingin the ship. � And the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son ofGod, who loved me and gave Himself for me." Then the mystery was opened and Iperceived there was joy in heaven over a sinner who had repented, and that thelanguage "John Woolman is dead," meant no more than the death of my own will. � Twenty-eighth of Fifth Month. -- Wet weather of late, and small winds,inclining to calms. Our seamen cast a lead, I suppose about one hundredfathoms, and found no bottom. Foggy weather this morning. Through the kindnessof the great Preserver of men my mind remains quiet; and a degree of exercisefrom day to day attends me, that the pure peaceable government of Christ mayspread and prevail among mankind. Feeling clear as to any further visits, I spent my time in my chamber, chieflyalone; and after some hours, my heart being filled with the spirit ofsupplication, my prayers and tears were poured out before my Heavenly Fatherfor His help and instruction in the manifold difficulties which attended me inlife. While I was waiting upon the Lord, there came a messenger from the womenFriends who lodged at another house, desiring to confer with us aboutappointing a meeting, which to me appeared weighty, as we had been at so manybefore; but after a short conference, and advising with some elderly Friends, ameeting was appointed, in which the Friend who first moved it, and who had beenmuch shut up before, was largely opened in the love of the gospel. The nextmorning about break of day going again on board the vessel, we reached Falmouthon the Main before night, where our horses being brought, we proceeded towardsSandwich Quarterly Meeting. 东京热一本道色综合网 OURTH Month, 1760. -- Having for some time past felt a sympathy in my mindwith Friends eastward, I opened my concern in our Monthly Meeting, and,obtaining a certificate, set forward on the 17th of this month, in company withmy beloved friend Samuel Eastburn. We had meetings at Woodbridge, Rahway, andPlainfield, and were at their Monthly Meeting of ministers and elders inRahway. We laboured under some discouragement, but through the invisible powerof truth our visit was made reviving to the lowly-minded, with whom I felt anear unity of spirit, being much reduced in my mind. We passed on and visitedmost of the meetings on Long Island. It was my concern from day to day, to sayneither more nor less than what the Spirit of truth opened in me, being jealousover myself lest I should say anything to make my testimony look agreeable tothat mind in people which is not in pure obedience to the cross of Christ. A remarkable circumstance connected with the evidence afforded by the figured monuments is its progressive cha239racter. According to M. Ravaisson, 楢s time goes on, the indications of belief in a future life, instead of becoming fainter, grow clearer and more distinct. More and more exalted ideas are formed of the soul destiny, and ever increasing honours are paid to the dead. Moreover, these ideas and practices are extended so as to cover a greater number of individuals. At first it would seem that the only persons whose fate excites any interest are kings and heroes, the children or the descendants of the gods; in the course of time many others, and at last all, or nearly all, are admitted to a share in the same regard. The ancient principle that happiness is reserved for those who resemble the gods remains unchanged; but the notion of what constitutes resemblance to the gods, or in other words perfection, gradually becomes so modified, that all men may aspire to reach it.?70 Being thus tried with favour and prosperity, this world appeared inviting; ourminds have been turned to the improvement of our country, to merchandise andthe sciences, amongst which are many things useful, if followed in pure wisdom;but in our present condition I believe it will not be denied that a carnal mindis gaining upon us. Some of our members, who are officers in civil government,are, in one case or other, called upon in their respective stations to assistin things relative to the wars; but being in doubt whether to act or to craveto be excused from their office, if they see their brethren united in thepayment of a tax to carry on the said wars, may think their case not muchdifferent, and so might quench the tender movings of the Holy Spirit in theirminds. Thus, by small degrees, we might approach so near to fighting that thedistinction would be little else than the name of a peaceable people. We have seen men and women who have been witnesses of these scenes ofsorrow, and, being reduced to want, have come to our houses asking relief. Itis not long since many young men in one of these provinces were drafted, inorder to be taken as soldiers; some were at that time in great distress, andhad occasion to consider that their lives had been too little conformable tothe purity and spirituality of that religion which we profess, and foundthemselves too little acquainted with that inward humility, in which truefortitude to endure hardness for the truth's sake is experienced. Many parentswere concerned for their children, and in that time of trial were led toconsider that their care to get outward treasure for them had been greater than their care for their settlement in that religion which crucifieth to the world,and enableth to bear testimony to the peaceable government of the Messiah. These Friends informed me that an express had arrived the last morning fromPittsburg, and brought news that the Indians had taken a fort from the Englishwestward, and had slain and scalped some English people near the saidPittsburg, and in divers places.