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In this declining state many look at the example of others and too muchneglect the pure feeling of truth. Of late years a deep exercise hath attendedmy mind, that Friends may dig deep, may carefully cast forth the loose matterand get down to the rock, the sure foundation, and there hearken to that divinevoice which gives a clear and certain sound; and I have felt in that which dothnot receive, that, if Friends who have known the truth, keep in that tendernessof heart where all views of outward gain are given up, and their trust is onlyin the Lord, he will graciously lead some to be patterns of deep self-denial inthings relating to trade and handicraft labour; and others who have plenty ofthe treasures of this world will be examples of a plain frugal life, and paywages to such as they may hire, more liberally than is now customary in someplaces. Whoever rightly attains to it does in some degree feel that spirit in which ourRedeemer gave His life for us; and through divine goodness many of ourpredecessors, and many now living, have learned this blessed lesson; but manyothers, having their religion chiefly by education, and not being enough acquainted with that cross which crucifies to the world, do manifest a temperdistinguishable from that of an entire trust in God. In calmly consideringthese things, it hath not appeared strange to me that an exercise hath nowfallen upon some, which, with respect to the outward means, is different fromwhat was known to many of those who went before us. As moderate care and exercise, under the direction of true wisdom, are usefulboth to mind and body, so by these means in general the real wants of life areeasily supplied, our gracious Father having so proportioned one to the otherthat keeping in the medium we may pass on quietly. Where slaves are purchasedto do our labour, numerous difficulties attend it. To rational creaturesbondage is uneasy, and frequently occasions sourness and discontent in them;which affects the family and such as claim the mastery over them. Thus peopleand their children are many times encompassed with vexations, which arise fromtheir applying to wrong methods to get a living. We lodged at Bethlehem, and there parting with John, William and we wentforward on the 9th of the Sixth Month, and got lodging on the floor of a house,about five miles from Fort Allen. Here we parted with William, and at thisplace we met with an Indian trader lately come from Wyoming. In conversationwith him, I perceived that many white people often sell rum to the Indians,which I believe is a great evil. In the first place, they are thereby deprivedof the use of reason, and, their spirits being violently agitated, quarrelsoften arise which end in mischief, and the bitterness and resentment occasionedhereby are frequently of long continuance. Again, their skins and furs, gottenthrough much fatigue and hard travels in hunting, with which they intended tobuy clothing, they often sell at a low rate for more rum, when they becomeintoxicated; and afterward, when they suffer for want of the necessaries oflife, are angry with those who, for the sake of gain, took advantage of theirweakness. Being thus tried with favour and prosperity, this world appeared inviting; ourminds have been turned to the improvement of our country, to merchandise andthe sciences, amongst which are many things useful, if followed in pure wisdom;but in our present condition I believe it will not be denied that a carnal mindis gaining upon us. Some of our members, who are officers in civil government,are, in one case or other, called upon in their respective stations to assistin things relative to the wars; but being in doubt whether to act or to craveto be excused from their office, if they see their brethren united in thepayment of a tax to carry on the said wars, may think their case not muchdifferent, and so might quench the tender movings of the Holy Spirit in theirminds. Thus, by small degrees, we might approach so near to fighting that thedistinction would be little else than the name of a peaceable people. Having proceeded thus far, I felt easy to leave the essay amongst Friends,for them to proceed in it as they believed best. And now an exercise revived inmy mind in relation to lotteries, which were common in those parts. I hadmentioned the subject in a former sitting of this meeting, when arguments were used in favour of Friends being held excused who were only concerned in suchlotteries as were agreeable to law. And now, on moving it again, it was opposedas before; but the hearts of some solid Friends appeared to be united todiscourage the practice amongst their members, and the matter was zealouslyhandled by some on both sides. In this debate it appeared very clear to me thatthe spirit of lotteries was a spirit of selfishness, which tended to confuseand darken the understanding, and that pleading for it in our meetings, whichwere set apart for the Lord's work, was not right. In the heat of zeal, I madereply to what an ancient Friend said, and when I sat down I saw that my wordswere not enough seasoned with charity. After this I spoke no more on thesubject. At length a minute was made, a copy of which was to be sent to theirseveral Quarterly Meetings, inciting Friends to labour to discourage thepractice amongst all professing with us. 超碰caoporen97人人_超碰97免费人妻_人人鲁免费播放视频 Fourteenth of Sixth Month. -- We sought out and visited all the Indianshereabouts that we could meet with, in number about twenty. They were chieflyin one place, about a mile from where we lodged. I expressed to them the care Ihad on my mind for their good, and told them that true love had made me willingthus to leave my family to come and see the Indians and speak with them intheir houses. Some of them appeared kind and friendly. After taking leave ofthem, we went up the river Susquehanna about three miles, to the house of anIndian called Jacob January. He had killed his hog, and the women were makingstore of bread and preparing to move up the river. Here our pilots had lefttheir canoe when they came down in the spring, and lying dry it had becomeleaky. This detained us some hours, so that we had a good deal of friendlyconversation with the family; and, eating dinner with them, we made them somesmall presents. Then putting our baggage into the canoe, some of them pushedslowly up the stream, and the rest of us rode our horses. We swam them over acreek called Lahawahamunk, and pitched our tent above it in the evening. In asense of God's goodness in helping me in my distress, sustaining me undertrials, and inclining my heart to trust in Him, I lay down in an humble, bowedframe of mind, and had a comfortable night's lodging. By the breaking in of enraged merciless armies, flourishing countries havebeen laid waste, great numbers of people have perished in a short time, andmany more have been pressed with poverty and grief. By the pestilence, peoplehave died so fast in a city, that, through fear, grief, and confusion, those inhealth have found great difficulty in burying the dead, even without coffins. "The number of those who decline the use of West India produce, on account ofthe hard usage of the slaves who raise it, appears small, even among peopletruly pious; and the labours in Christian love on that subject of those who do,are not very extensive. Were the trade from this continent to the West Indiesto be stopped at once, I believe many there would suffer for want of bread. Didwe on this continent and the inhabitants of the West Indies generally dwell inpure righteousness, I believe a small trade between us might be right. Underthese considerations, when the thoughts of wholly declining the use of trading-vessels and of trying to hire a vessel to go under ballast have arisen in mymind, I have believed that the labours in gospel love hitherto bestowed in thecause of universal righteousness have not reached that height. If the trade tothe West Indies were no more than was consistent with pure wisdom, I believethe passage-money would, for good reasons, be higher than it is now; andtherefore, under deep exercise of mind, I have believed that I should not takeadvantage of this great trade and small passage-money, but, as a testimony in favour of less trading, should pay more than is common for others to pay if Igo at this time."The first-mentioned owner, having read the paper, went with me to the otherowner, who also read over the paper, and we had some solid conversation, underwhich I felt my self bowed in reverence before the Most High. At length one ofthem asked me if I would go and see the vessel. But not having clearness in mymind to go, I went to my lodging and retired in private under great exercise ofmind; and my tears were poured out before the Lord with inward cries that Hewould graciously help me under these trials. I believe my mind was resigned,but I did not feel clearness to proceed; and my own weakness and the necessityof divine instruction were impressed upon me. Thirteenth of Ninth Month. -- This day I was at Leyburn, a small meeting;but, the towns-people coming in, the house was crowded. It was a time of heavylabour, and I believe was a profitable meeting. At this place I heard that mykinsman, William Hunt, from North Carolina, who was on a religious visit toFriends in England, departed this life on the ninth of this month, of thesmallpox, at Newcastle. He appeared in the ministry when a youth, and hislabours therein were of good savour. He travelled much in that work in America. If I am so situated that there appears no probability of missing theinfection, it tends to make me think whether my manner of life in thingsoutward has nothing in it which may unfit my body to receive this messenger ina way the most favourable to me. Do I use food and drink in no other sort andin no other degree than was designed by Him who gave these creatures for oursustenance? Do I never abuse my body by inordinate labour, striving toaccomplish some end which I have unwisely proposed? Do I use action enough insome useful employ, or do I sit too much idle while some persons who labour tosupport me have too great a share of it? If in any of these things I amdeficient, to be incited to consider it is a favour to me. Employment isnecessary in social life, and this infection, which often proves mortal,incites me to think whether these social acts of mine are real duties. If I goon a visit to the widows and fatherless, do I go purely on a principle ofcharity, free from any selfish views? If I go to a religious meeting it puts meon thinking whether I go in sincerity and in a clear sense of duty, or whetherit is not partly in conformity to custom, or partly from a sensible delightwhich my animal spirits feel in the company of other people, and whether tosupport my reputation as a religious man has no share in it.