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"Doth He condescend to bless thee with His presence? To move and influencethee to action? To dwell and to walk in thee? Remember then thy station asbeing sacred to God. Accept of the strength freely offered to thee, and takeheed that no weakness in conforming to unwise, expensive, and hard-heartedcustoms, gendering to discord and strife, be given way to. Doth He claim mybody as His temple, and graciously require that I may be sacred to Him? Oh thatI may prize this favour, and that my whole life may be conformable to thischaracter! Remember, O my soul! that the Prince of Peace is thy Lord; that Hecommunicates His unmixed wisdom to His family, that they, living in perfectsimplicity, may give no just cause of offence to any creature, but that theymay walk as He walked!"Having felt an openness in my heart towards visiting families in our ownmeeting, and especially in the town of Mount Holly, the place of my abode, Imentioned it at our Monthly Meeting in the fore part of the winter of 1764,which being agreed to, and several Friends of our meeting being united in theexercise, we proceeded therein; and through divine favour we were helped in thework, so that it appeared to me as a fresh reviving of godly care amongFriends. The latter part of the same winter I joined my friend William Jones ina visit to Friends' families in Mansfield, in which labour I had cause toadmire the goodness of the Lord toward us. On hearing the news brought by these Indian runners, and being told by theIndians where we lodged that the Indians about Wyoming expected in a few daysto move to some larger towns, I thought, to all outward appearance, it would bedangerous travelling at this time. After a hard day's journey I was broughtinto a painful exercise at night, in which I had to trace back and view thesteps I had taken from my first moving in the visit; and though I had to bewailsome weakness which at times had attended me, yet I could not find that I hadever given way to wilful disobedience. Believing I had, under a sense of duty,come thus far, I was now earnest in spirit, beseeching the Lord to show me whatI ought to do. In this great distress I grew jealous of myself, lest the desireof reputation as a man firmly settled to persevere through dangers, or the fearof disgrace from my returning without performing the visit, might have someplace in me. Full of these thoughts, I lay great part of the night, while mybeloved companion slept by me, till the Lord, my gracious Father, who saw theconflicts of my soul, was pleased to give quietness. Then I was againstrengthened to commit my life, and all things relating thereto, into Hisheavenly hands, and got a little sleep towards day. Here my brother joined with some Friends from New Garden who were goinghomeward; and I went next to Simons Creek Monthly Meeting, where I was silentduring the meeting for worship. When business came on, my mind was exercisedconcerning the poor slaves, but I did not feel my way clear to speak. In thiscondition I was bowed in spirit before the Lord, and with tears and inwardsupplication besought Him so to open my understanding that I might know Hiswill concerning me; and at length my mind was settled in silence. Near the endof their business a member of their meeting expressed a concern that had sometime lain upon him, on account of Friends so much neglecting their duty in theeducation of their slaves, and proposed having meetings sometimes appointed forthem on a week-day, to be attended only by some Friends to be named in theirMonthly Meetings. In the winter of 1762 I laid my prospects before my friends at our Monthlyand Quarterly, and afterwards at our General Spring Meeting; and having theunity of Friends, and being thoughtful about an Indian pilot, there came a manand three women from a little beyond that town to Philadelphia on business. � Being informed thereof by letter, I met them in town in the 5th Month, 1763;and after some conversation, finding they were sober people, I, with theconcurrence of Friends in that place, agreed to join them as companions intheir return, and we appointed to meet at Samuel Foulk's, at Richland, in BucksCounty, on the 7th of Sixth Month. Now, as this visit felt weighty, and wasperformed at a time when travelling appeared perilous, so the dispensations ofdivine Providence in preparing my mind for it have been memorable, and Ibelieve it good for me to give some account thereof. 波多野结衣Av高清-成人三级片-东京热一本道色综合网-边吃胸边膜下 Washing our garments to keep them sweet is cleanly, but it is the opposite toreal cleanliness to hide dirt in them. Through giving way to hiding dirt in ourgarments a spirit which would conceal that which is disagreeable isstrengthened. Real cleanliness becometh a holy people; but hiding that which isnot clean by colouring our garments seems contrary to the sweetness ofsincerity. Through some sorts of dyes cloth is rendered less useful. And if thevalue of dye-stuffs, and expense of dyeing, and the damage done to cloth, wereall added together, and that cost applied to keeping all sweet and clean, howmuch more would real cleanliness prevail. Their chiefs have often complained of this in their treaties with theEnglish. Where cunning people pass counterfeits and impose on others that whichis good for nothing, it is considered as wickedness; but for the sake of gainto sell that which we know does people harm, and which often works their ruin,manifests a hardened and corrupt heart, and is an evil which demands the careof all true lovers of virtue to suppress. While my mind this evening was thusemployed, I also remembered that the people on the frontiers, among whom thisevil is too common, are often poor; and that they venture to the outside of thecolony in order to live more independently of the wealthy, who often set highrents on their land. I was renewedly confirmed in a belief, that, if all ourinhabitants lived according to sound wisdom, labouring to promote universallove and righteousness, and ceased from every inordinate desire after wealth,and from all customs which are tinctured with luxury, the way would be easy forour inhabitants, though they might be much more numerous than at present, tolive comfortably on honest employments, without the temptation they are sooften under of being drawn into schemes to make settlements on lands which havenot been purchased of the Indians, or of applying to that wicked practice ofselling rum to them. Being thus tried with favour and prosperity, this world appeared inviting; ourminds have been turned to the improvement of our country, to merchandise andthe sciences, amongst which are many things useful, if followed in pure wisdom;but in our present condition I believe it will not be denied that a carnal mindis gaining upon us. Some of our members, who are officers in civil government,are, in one case or other, called upon in their respective stations to assistin things relative to the wars; but being in doubt whether to act or to craveto be excused from their office, if they see their brethren united in thepayment of a tax to carry on the said wars, may think their case not muchdifferent, and so might quench the tender movings of the Holy Spirit in theirminds. Thus, by small degrees, we might approach so near to fighting that thedistinction would be little else than the name of a peaceable people. � On the first day of the week, being at our own afternoon meeting, and myheart being enlarged in love, I was led to speak on the care and protection of the Lord over His people, and to make mention of that passage where a band ofSyrians, who were endeavouring to take captive the prophet, were disappointed;and how the Psalmist said, "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about themthat fear Him." Thus, in true love and tenderness, I parted from Friends,expecting the next morning to proceed on my journey. Being weary I went earlyto bed. After I had been asleep a short time, I was awoke by a man calling atmy door, and inviting me to meet some Friends at a public-house in our town,who came from Philadelphia so late that Friends were generally gone to bed.