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DEARLY BELOVED WIFE, -- We are favoured with health; have been at sundrymeetings in East Jersey and on this island. My mind hath been much in aninward, watchful frame since I left thee, greatly desiring that our proceedingsmay be singly in the will of our Heavenly Father. Having stayed two nights at Philadelphia, I went the next day to DerbyMonthly Meeting, where through the strength of divine love my heart wasenlarged towards the youth there present, under which I was helped to labour insome tenderness of spirit. I lodged at William Horn's and afterwards went toChester, where I met with Samuel Emlen, and we went on board 1st of FifthMonth, 1772. As I sat alone on the deck, I felt a satisfactory evidence that my proceedings were not in my own will, but under the power of the cross ofChrist. I was then carried in spirit to the mines where poor oppressed people weredigging rich treasures for those called Christians, and heard them blasphemethe name of Christ, at which I was grieved, for His name to me was precious. Iwas then informed that these heathens were told that those who oppressed themwere the followers of Christ, and they said among themselves, "If Christdirected them to use us in this sort, then Christ is a cruel tyrant."All this time the song of the angel remained a mystery; and in the morning,my dear wife and some others coming to my bedside, I asked them if they knewwho I was, and they telling me I was John Woolman, thought I was light-headed,for I told them not what the angel said, nor was I disposed to talk much to anyone, but was very desirous to get so deep that I might understand this mystery. When meeting was over, we all agreed to sail the next day if the weather wassuitable and we were well; and being called up the latter part of the night,about fifty of us went on board a vessel; but, the wind changing, the seamenthought best to stay in the harbour till it altered, so we returned on shore. I believe a communication with different parts of the world by sea is attimes consistent with the will of our Heavenly Father, and to educate someyouth in the practice of sailing, I believe, may be right; but how lamentableis the present corruption of the world! How impure are the channels throughwhich trade is conducted! How great is the danger to which poor lads areexposed when placed on shipboard to learn the art of sailing! Five ladstraining up for the seas were on board this ship. Two of them were brought upin our Society, and the other, by name James Naylor, is a member, to whosefather James Naylor, mentioned in Sewel's history, appears to have been uncle. In all our cares about worldly treasures, let us steadily bear in mind thatriches possessed by children who do not truly serve God, are likely to provesnares that may more grievously entangle them in that spirit of selfishness andexaltation which stands in opposition to real peace and happiness, and rendersthose who submit to the influence of it enemies to the cause of Christ. 色播五月亚洲综合网站|天然素人在线视频|男人在天堂a视频 His glance fell before hers of dismay, disapproval, and anger攁n anger so righteous that he felt himself to be altogether in the wrong. "Do you mean divorce?" She said it like an unholy word. "I have felt a tenderness in my mind towards persons in two circumstancesmentioned in that report; namely, towards such active members as keep slavesand such as hold offices in civil government; and I have desired that Friends,in all their conduct, may be kindly affectioned one towards another. ManyFriends who keep slaves are under some exercise on that account; and at timesthink about trying them with freedom, but find many things in their way. Theway of living and the annual expenses of some of them are such that it seemsimpracticable for them to set their slaves free without changing their own wayof life. It has been my lot to be often abroad; and I have observed in someplaces, at Quarterly and Yearly Meetings, and at some houses where travellingFriends and their horses are often entertained, that the yearly expense ofindividuals therein is very considerable. And Friends in some places crowdingmuch on persons in these circumstances for entertainment hath rested as aburden on my mind for some years past. I now express it in the fear of theLord, greatly desiring that Friends here present may duly consider it."In the fall of this year, having hired a man to work, I perceived inconversation with him that he had been a soldier in the late war on thiscontinent; and he informed me in the evening, in a narrative of his captivityamong the Indians, that he saw two of his fellow-captives tortured to death ina very cruel manner. This relation affected me with sadness, under which I wentto bed; and the next morning, soon after I awoke, a fresh and living sense ofdivine love overspread my mind, in which I had a renewed prospect of the natureof that wisdom from above which leads to a right use of all gifts, bothspiritual and temporal, and gives content therein. Under a feeling thereof, Iwrote as follows: -"Hath He who gave me a being attended with many wants unknown to brutecreatures given me a capacity superior to theirs, and shown me that a moderateapplication to business is suitable to my present condition; and that this,attended with His blessing, may supply all my outward wants while they remainwithin the bounds He hath fixed, and while no imaginary wants proceeding from an evil spirit have any place in me? Attend then, O my soul! to this purewisdom as thy sure conductor through the manifold dangers of this world. Many present appeared to unite with the proposal. One said he had oftenwondered that they, being our fellow-creatures, and capable of religiousunderstanding, had been so exceedingly neglected; another expressed the likeconcern, and appeared zealous that in future it might be more closelyconsidered. At length a minute was made, and the further consideration of itreferred to their next Monthly Meeting. The Friend who made this proposal hathnegroes; he told me that he was at New Garden, about two hundred and fiftymiles from home, and came back alone; that in this solitary journey thisexercise, in regard to the education of their negroes, was from time to timerenewed in his mind. A Friend of some note in Virginia, who hath slaves, toldme that he being far from home on a lonesome journey, had many serious thoughtsabout them: and his mind was so impressed therewith that he believed he saw atime coming when divine Providence would alter the circumstance of thesepeople, respecting their condition as slaves. � Landor interrupted by taking the slipper from Felipa's foot and killing with it a centipede that crawled up the wall of the abode. "That's the second," he said, as he put the shoe on again. "I killed one yesterday; the third will come to-morrow." Then he went back to his chair and to the discussion, and before long he was called to the adjutant's office.