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Here my brother joined with some Friends from New Garden who were goinghomeward; and I went next to Simons Creek Monthly Meeting, where I was silentduring the meeting for worship. When business came on, my mind was exercisedconcerning the poor slaves, but I did not feel my way clear to speak. In thiscondition I was bowed in spirit before the Lord, and with tears and inwardsupplication besought Him so to open my understanding that I might know Hiswill concerning me; and at length my mind was settled in silence. Near the endof their business a member of their meeting expressed a concern that had sometime lain upon him, on account of Friends so much neglecting their duty in theeducation of their slaves, and proposed having meetings sometimes appointed forthem on a week-day, to be attended only by some Friends to be named in theirMonthly Meetings. Ninth of Fifth Month. -- A Friend at whose house we breakfasted setting us alittle on our way, I had conversation with him, in the fear of the Lord,concerning his slaves, in which my heart was tender; I used much plainness ofspeech with him, and he appeared to take it kindly. We pursued our journeywithout appointing meetings, being pressed in my mind to be at the YearlyMeeting in Virginia. In my travelling on the road, I often felt a cry rise fromthe centre of my mind, thus: "O Lord, I am a stranger on the earth, hide notthy face from me."On the 11th, we crossed the rivers Patowmack and Rapahannock, and lodged atPort Royal. On the way we had the company of a colonel of the militia, whoappeared to be a thoughtful man. I took occasion to remark on the difference ingeneral betwixt a people used to labour moderately for their living, trainingup their children in frugality and business, and those who live on the labourof slaves; the former, in my view, being the most happy life. He concurred inthe remark, and mentioned the trouble arising from the untoward, slothfuldisposition of the negroes, adding that one of our labourers would do as muchin a day as two of their slaves. I replied that free men, whose minds wereproperly on their business, found a satisfaction in improving, cultivating, andproviding for their families; but negroes, labouring to support others whoclaim them as their property, and expecting nothing but slavery during life,had not the like inducement to be industrious. ON the 8th of Sixth Month, 1772, we landed at London, and I went straightway tothe Yearly Meeting of ministers and elders, which had been gathered, I suppose,about half an hour.(1)In this meeting my mind was humbly contrite. In the afternoon the meeting forbusiness was opened, which by adjournments held near a week. In these meetingsI often felt a living concern for the establishment of Friends in the pure lifeof truth. My heart was enlarged in the meetings of ministers, that forbusiness, and in several meetings for public worship, and I felt my mind unitedin true love to the faithful labourers now gathered at this Yearly Meeting. Onthe 15th I went to a Quarterly Meeting at Hertford. About eleven at night I went out on the deck. The sea wrought exceedingly,and the high, foaming waves round about had in some sort the appearance offire, but did not give much if any light. The sailor at the helm said he latelysaw a corposant at the head of the mast. I observed that the master of the shipordered the carpenter to keep on the deck; and, though he said little, Iapprehended his care was that the carpenter with his axe might be in readinessin case of any emergency. Soon after this the vehemency of the wind abated, andbefore morning they again put the ship under sail. � 淎tley,?she told the millionaire, 渨e are getting nowhere. For my part I believe that the emeralds have already been destroyed!? 日本一本道在线一二区_免费不卡中文字幕在线_黄站视频免费网站_日本一本免费一二区_国产乱了真实在线观看 The query was, "Are there any concerned in the importation of negroes, or inbuying them after imported?" which was thus altered, "Are there any concernedin the importation of negroes, or buying them to trade in?" As one queryadmitted with unanimity was, "Are any concerned in buying or vending goodsunlawfully imported, or prize goods?" I found my mind engaged to say that, aswe profess the truth, and were there assembled to support the testimony of it,it was necessary for us to dwell deep and act in that wisdom which is pure, orotherwise we could not prosper. I then mentioned their alteration, and,referring to the last-mentioned query, added, that as purchasing anymerchandise taken by the sword was always allowed to be inconsistent with ourprinciples, so negroes being captives of war or taken by stealth, it wasinconsistent with our testimony to buy them; and their being our fellow-creatures, and sold as slaves, added greatly to the iniquity. Friends appearedattentive to what was said; some expressed a care and concern about theirnegroes; none made any objection by way of reply to what I said, but the querywas admitted as they had altered it. Seventh of Fifth Month. -- We have had rough weather mostly since I came onboard, and the passengers, James Reynolds, John Till Adams, Sarah Logan withher hired maid, and John Bispham, all sea-sick at times; from which sickness,through the tender mercies of my Heavenly Father, I have been preserved, myafflictions now being of another kind. There appeared an openness in the mindsof the master of the ship and in the cabin passengers towards me. We are oftentogether on the deck, and sometimes in the cabin. My mind, through the mercifulhelp of the Lord, hath been preserved in a good degree watchful and quiet, forwhich I have great cause to be thankful. I had this day often to consider myself as a sojourner in this world. A beliefin the all-sufficiency of God to support His people in their pilgrimage feltcomfortable to me, and I was industriously employed to get to a state ofperfect resignation. The monotheism of the Jehovist religion would seem to have marked it out as the natural faith of a universal empire. Yet, strange to say, it was not by this element of Judaism that proselytes were most attracted. Our authorities are unanimous in speaking of the sabbath-observance as the most distinguishing trait of the Jews themselves, and the point in which they were most scrupulously imitated by their adherents; while the duty of contributing to the maintenance of the temple apparently stood next in popular estimation. But if this be true, it follows that the liberation of the spiritualistic element in Judaism from its ceremonial husk was a less essential condition to the success of Christianity than some have supposed. What the world objected to in Judaism was not its concrete, historical, practical side, but its exclusiveness, and the hatred for other nations which it was supposed to breed. What the new converts wished was to take the place of the Jews, to supersede them in the divine favour, not to improve on their law. It was useless to tell them that they were under no obligation to observe the sabbath, when the institu219tion of a day of rest was precisely what most fascinated them in the history of God relations with his chosen people. And it was equally useless to tell them that the hour had come when the Father should not be worshipped any more at Jerusalem but everywhere in spirit and in truth, when Jerusalem had become irrevocably associated in their minds with the establishment of a divine kingdom on this earth. Thus, while the religion of the Middle Ages reached its intensest expression in armed pilgrimages to Palestine, the religion of modern Puritanism has embodied itself by preference in the observance of what it still delights to call the sabbath. I believe a communication with different parts of the world by sea is attimes consistent with the will of our Heavenly Father, and to educate someyouth in the practice of sailing, I believe, may be right; but how lamentableis the present corruption of the world! How impure are the channels throughwhich trade is conducted! How great is the danger to which poor lads areexposed when placed on shipboard to learn the art of sailing! Five ladstraining up for the seas were on board this ship. Two of them were brought upin our Society, and the other, by name James Naylor, is a member, to whosefather James Naylor, mentioned in Sewel's history, appears to have been uncle.