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� The TESTIMONY of Friends in Yorkshire at their Quarterly Meeting, held at Yorkthe 24th and 25th of the Third Month, 1773, concerning John Woolman, of MountHolly, in the Province of New Jersey, North America, who departed this life atthe house of our Friend Thomas Priestman, in the suburbs of this city, the 7thof Tenth Month, 1772, and was interred in the burial-ground of Friends the 9thof the same, aged about fifty-two years. As good as the record was, I knew that all elections are about the future, so I outlined my agenda: higher school standards and universal access to college; a balanced budget that protected health care, education, and the environment; targeted tax cuts to support home ownership, long-term care, college education, and child-rearing; more jobs for people on welfare and more investment in poor urban and rural areas; and some new initiatives to fight crime and drugs and clean the environment. When officers who are anxiously endeavouring to get troops to answer thedemands of their superiors see men who are insincere pretend scruples ofconscience in hopes of being excused from a dangerous employment, it is likelythey will be roughly handled. In this time of commotion some of our young menleft these parts and tarried abroad till it was over; some came, and proposedto go as soldiers; others appeared to have a real tender scruple in their mindsagainst joining in wars, and were much humbled under the apprehension of atrial so near. I had conversation with several of them to my satisfaction. Whenthe captain came to town, some of the last-mentioned went and told him insubstance as follows: -- That they could not bear arms for conscience' sake;nor could they hire any to go in their places, being resigned as to the event. After some further conversation I said, that men having power too oftenmisapplied it; that though we made slaves of the negroes, and the Turks madeslaves of the Christians, I believed that liberty was the natural right of all men equally. This he did not deny, but said the lives of the negroes were sowretched in their own country that many of them lived better here than there. Ireplied, "There is great odds in regard to us on what principle we act"; and sothe conversation on that subject ended. I may here add that another person,some time afterwards, mentioned the wretchedness of the negroes, occasioned bytheir intestine wars, as an argument in favour of our fetching them away forslaves. To which I replied, if compassion for the Africans, on account of theirdomestic troubles, was the real motive of our purchasing them, that spirit oftenderness being attended to, would incite us to use them kindly, that, asstrangers brought out of affliction, their lives might be happy among us. Andas they are human creatures, whose souls are as precious as ours, and who mayreceive the same help and comfort from the Holy Scriptures as we do, we couldnot omit suitable endeavours to instruct them therein; but that while wemanifest by our conduct that our views in purchasing them are to advanceourselves, and while our buying captives taken in war animates those parties topush on the war and increase desolation amongst them, to say they liveunhappily in Africa is far from being an argument in our favour. Being thus fully convinced, and feeling an increasing desire to live in thespirit of peace, I have often been sorrowfully affected with thinking on theunquiet spirit in which wars are generally carried on, and with the miseries ofmany of my fellow-creatures engaged therein; some suddenly destroyed; somewounded, and after much pain remaining cripples; some deprived of all theiroutward substance and reduced to want; and some carried into captivity. 日本AV电影网 - 影音先锋电影 - AV天堂网站 Surely the Lord calls to mourning and deep humiliation, that in His fear wemay be instructed and led safely through the great difficulties andperplexities in this present age. In an entire subjection of our wills, theLord graciously opens a way for His people, where all their wants are boundedby His wisdom; and here we experience the substance of what Moses the prophetfigured out in the water of separation as a purification from sin. "That which hath so closely engaged my mind, in seeking to the Lord forinstruction, is, whether, after the full information I have had of theoppression which the slaves lie under who raise the West India produce, which Ihave gained by reading a caution and warning to Great Britain and her colonies,written by Anthony Benezet, it is right for me to take passage in a vesselemployed in the West India trade. OURTH Month, 1760. -- Having for some time past felt a sympathy in my mindwith Friends eastward, I opened my concern in our Monthly Meeting, and,obtaining a certificate, set forward on the 17th of this month, in company withmy beloved friend Samuel Eastburn. We had meetings at Woodbridge, Rahway, andPlainfield, and were at their Monthly Meeting of ministers and elders inRahway. We laboured under some discouragement, but through the invisible powerof truth our visit was made reviving to the lowly-minded, with whom I felt anear unity of spirit, being much reduced in my mind. We passed on and visitedmost of the meetings on Long Island. It was my concern from day to day, to sayneither more nor less than what the Spirit of truth opened in me, being jealousover myself lest I should say anything to make my testimony look agreeable tothat mind in people which is not in pure obedience to the cross of Christ. � And though we may meet with opposition from another spirit, yet, as there is adwelling in meekness, feeling our spirits subject, and moving only in thegentle, peaceable wisdom, the inward reward of quietness will be greater thanall our difficulties. Where the pure life is kept to, and meetings ofdiscipline are held in the authority of it, we find by experience that they arecomfortable, and tend to the health of the body.