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After the Yearly Meeting we were at meetings at Newtown, Cushnet, Long Plain,Rochester, and Dartmouth. From thence we sailed for Nantucket, in company withAnn Gaunt, Mercy Redman, and several other Friends. The wind being slack weonly reached Tarpawling Cove the first day; where, going on shore, we found room in a public-house, and beds for a few of us, -- the rest slept on thefloor. We went on board again about break of day, and though the wind wassmall, we were favoured to come within about four miles of Nantucket; and thenabout ten of us got into our boat and rowed to the harbour before dark; a largeboat went off and brought in the rest of the passengers about midnight. Thenext day but one was their Yearly Meeting, which held four days, the last ofwhich was their Monthly Meeting for business. We had a labourious time amongstthem; our minds were closely exercised, and I believe it was a time of greatsearching of heart. The longer I was on the island the more I became sensiblethat there was a considerable number of valuable Friends there, though an evilspirit, tending to strife, had been at work amongst them. I was cautious ofmaking any visits except as my mind was particularly drawn to them; and in thatway we had some sittings in Friends' houses, where the heavenly wing was attimes spread over us, to our mutual comfort. My beloved companion had veryacceptable service on this island. Miriam, seeing the smile of confidence exchanged by Delamare and Jack, felt the ground slipping from under her feet. Her face blanched. "Well, anyway I am Mrs. Norman," she cried. "Nothing can change that!" As an equation is solved more simply by algebra xithan arithmetic, so any subject carried up into the next higher universe of discourse becomes clarified, falls into proper perspective, and is more easily understood. This thought in conjunction with the statement of Lester Ward shows the need of extending our discussion to include women both in and out of wedlock, and instead of differentiating the good from the bad by legal definition, the ethics of human mating must be based upon those laws of nature which secure the finest human values, the essential aim being an ever better next generation. "Square, you ass! look and see for yourself." Signed in and by order of the said meeting, bySAMUEL ALLISON, Clerk. � 青青青草网站免费观看-青青草a免费线观看-青青草视频在线观看 HE latter part of the summer, 1763, there came a man to Mount Holly who hadpreviously published a printed advertisement that at a certain public-house he would show many wonderful operations, which were therein enumerated. At theappointed time he did, by sleight of hand, perform sundry things which appearedstrange to the spectators. Understanding that the show was to be repeated thenext night, and that the people were to meet about sunset, I felt an exerciseon that account. So I went to the public-house in the evening, and told the manof the house that I had an inclination to spend a part of the evening there;with which he signified that he was content. Then, sitting down by the door, Ispoke to the people in the fear of the Lord, as they came together, concerningthis show, and laboured to convince them that their thus assembling to seethese sleight-of-hand tricks, and bestowing their money to support men who, inthat capacity, were of no use to the world, was contrary to the nature of theChristian religion. One of the company endeavoured to show by arguments thereasonableness of their proceedings herein; but after considering some texts ofScripture and calmly debating the matter he gave up the point. After spendingabout an hour among them, and feeling my mind easy, I departed. As moderate care and exercise, under the direction of true wisdom, are usefulboth to mind and body, so by these means in general the real wants of life areeasily supplied, our gracious Father having so proportioned one to the otherthat keeping in the medium we may pass on quietly. Where slaves are purchasedto do our labour, numerous difficulties attend it. To rational creaturesbondage is uneasy, and frequently occasions sourness and discontent in them;which affects the family and such as claim the mastery over them. Thus peopleand their children are many times encompassed with vexations, which arise fromtheir applying to wrong methods to get a living. Jack hesitated no longer. He took the first train for Manhattan, and had himself carried to police headquarters in a taxi. To the Deputy Commissioner Jack now told sufficient of his tale to enlist his interest, but withheld the whole, for fear that the official's natural amazement and incredulity might hold things up. The Deputy was satisfied that the genuine John Farrow Norman stood before him, and that was sufficient. Mr. Delamare vouched for it. In the beginning of the twelfth month I joined in company with my friendsJohn Sykes and Daniel Stanton, in visiting such as had slaves. Some whosehearts were rightly exercised about them appeared to be glad of our visit, butin some places our way was more difficult. I often saw the necessity of keepingdown to that root from whence our concern proceeded, and have cause in reverentthankfulness humbly to bow down before the Lord, who was near to me, andpreserved my mind in calmness under some sharp conflicts, and begat a spirit ofsympathy and tenderness in me towards some who were grievously entangled by thespirit of this world. Oh that all may take heed and beware of covetousness! Oh that all may learnof Christ, who was meek and lowly of heart. Then, in faithfully following Him,He will teach us to be content with food and raiment without respect to thecustoms or honours of this world. Men thus redeemed will feel a tender concernfor their fellow-creatures, and a desire that those in the lowest stations may be assisted and encouraged, and where owners of ships attain to the perfect lawof liberty and are doers of the Word, these will be blessed in their deeds.