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Ninth of Eighth Month, 1757. -- Orders came at night to the military officersin our county (Burlington), directing them to draft the militia, and prepare anumber of men to go off as soldiers, to the relief of the English at FortWilliam Henry, in New York government; a few days after which there was ageneral review of the militia at Mount Holly, and a number of men were chosenand sent off under some officers. Shortly after, there came orders to draftthree times as many, who were to hold themselves in readiness to march whenfresh orders came. On the 17th there was a meeting of the military officers atMount Holly, who agreed on draft; orders were sent to the men so chosen to meettheir respective captains at set times and places, those in our township tomeet at Mount Holly, amongst whom were a considerable number of our Society. Mymind being affected herewith, I had fresh opportunity to see and consider theadvantage of living in the real substance of religion, where practice dothharmonize with principle. Amongst the officers are men of understanding, whohave some regard to sincerity where they see it; and when such in the executionof their office have men to deal with whom they believe to be upright-hearted,it is a painful task to put them to trouble on account of scruples ofconscience, and they will be likely to avoid it as much as easily may be. But where men profess to be so meek and heavenly-minded, and to have their trust sofirmly settled in God that they cannot join in wars, and yet by their spiritand conduct in common life manifest a contrary disposition, their difficultiesare great at such a time. A TESTIMONY of the Monthly Meeting of Friends, held in Burlington, the Firstday of the Eighth Month, in the year of our Lord 1774, concerning our esteemedfriend, John Woolman, deceased. Here my brother joined with some Friends from New Garden who were goinghomeward; and I went next to Simons Creek Monthly Meeting, where I was silentduring the meeting for worship. When business came on, my mind was exercisedconcerning the poor slaves, but I did not feel my way clear to speak. In thiscondition I was bowed in spirit before the Lord, and with tears and inwardsupplication besought Him so to open my understanding that I might know Hiswill concerning me; and at length my mind was settled in silence. Near the endof their business a member of their meeting expressed a concern that had sometime lain upon him, on account of Friends so much neglecting their duty in theeducation of their slaves, and proposed having meetings sometimes appointed forthem on a week-day, to be attended only by some Friends to be named in theirMonthly Meetings. While some rules approved in civil society and conformable to human policy,so called, are distinguishable from the purity of truth and righteousness, -while many professing the truth are declining from that ardent love andheavenly-mindedness which was amongst the primitive followers of Jesus Christ,it is time for us to attend diligently to the intent of every chastisement, andto consider the most deep and inward design of them. Being informed thereof by letter, I met them in town in the 5th Month, 1763;and after some conversation, finding they were sober people, I, with theconcurrence of Friends in that place, agreed to join them as companions intheir return, and we appointed to meet at Samuel Foulk's, at Richland, in BucksCounty, on the 7th of Sixth Month. Now, as this visit felt weighty, and wasperformed at a time when travelling appeared perilous, so the dispensations ofdivine Providence in preparing my mind for it have been memorable, and Ibelieve it good for me to give some account thereof. ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, in VIRGINIA,20th of the 5th Month, 1757. 最新2018天堂视频,2018的天堂视频,男人到天堂去a线 A FEW years past, money being made current in our province for carrying onwars, and to be called in again by taxes laid on the inhabitants, my mind wasoften affected with the thoughts of paying such taxes; and I believe it rightfor me to preserve a memorandum concerning it. I was told that Friends inEngland frequently paid taxes, when the money was applied to such purposes. Ihad conversation with several noted Friends on the subject, who all favouredthe payment of such taxes; some of them I preferred before myself, and thismade me easier for a time; yet there was in the depth of my mind a scruplewhich I never could get over; and at certain times I was greatly distressed onthat account. Our guide's horse strayed, though hoppled, in the night, and after searchingsome time for him his footsteps were discovered in the path going back,whereupon my kind companion went off in the rain, and after about seven hoursreturned with him. Here we lodged again, tying up our horses before we went tobed, and loosing them to feed about break of day. When employment is honestly followed in the light of truth, and people becomediligent in business, "fervent in spirit, serving the Lord" (Rom. xii. 11), themeaning of the name is opened to us: "This is the name by which He shall becalled, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS" (Jer. xxiii. 6). Oh, how precious is thename! it is like ointment poured out. The chaste virgins are in love with theRedeemer; and for promoting his peaceable kingdom in the world are content toendure hardness like good soldiers; and are so separated in spirit from thedesire of riches, that in their employments they become extensively careful togive no offence, either to Jew or Heathen or to the Church of Christ. HE was born in Northampton, in the county of Burlington and province of WestNew Jersey, in the Eighth Month, 1720, of religious parents, who instructed himvery early in the principles of the Christian religion as professed by thepeople called Quakers, which he esteemed a blessing to him even in his youngeryears, tending to preserve him from the infection of wicked children. But,through the workings of the enemy and the levity incident to youth, he frequently deviated from those parental precepts, by which he laid a renewedfoundation for repentance that was finally succeeded by a "godly sorrow not tobe repented of"; and so he became acquainted with that sanctifying power whichqualifies for true gospel ministry, into which he was called about the twenty-second year of his age; and by a faithful use of the talents committed to himhe experienced an increase, until he arrived at the state of a father, capableof dividing the word aright to the different states he ministered unto,dispensing milk to babes and meat to those of riper years. Thus he found theefficacy of that power to arise, which, in his own expressions, "prepares thecreature to stand like a trumpet through which the Lord speaks to His people."He was a loving husband, a tender father, and was very humane to every part ofthe creation under his care. The Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia having been under a concern on account ofsome Friends who this summer (1758) had bought negro slaves, proposed to theirQuarterly Meeting to have the minute reconsidered in the Yearly Meeting, whichwas made last on that subject, and the said Quarterly Meeting appointed acommittee to consider it, and to report to their next. This committee havingmet once and adjourned, and I, going to Philadelphia to meet a committee of theYearly Meeting, was in town the evening on which the Quarterly Meeting'scommittee met the second time, and finding an inclination to sit with them, Iwith some others was admitted, and Friends had a weighty conference on thesubject. Soon after their next Quarterly meeting I heard that the case wascoming to our Yearly Meeting. This brought a weighty exercise upon me, andunder a sense of my own infirmities, and the great danger I felt of turningaside from perfect purity, my mind was often drawn to retire alone, and put upmy prayers to the Lord that He would be graciously pleased to strengthen me;that, setting aside all views of self-interest and the friendship of thisworld, I might stand fully resigned to His holy will.