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We crossed Chester River, had a meeting there, and also at Cecil andSassafras. My bodily weakness, joined with a heavy exercise of mind, was to mean humbling dispensation, and I had a very lively feeling of the state of theoppressed; yet I often thought that what I suffered was little compared withthe sufferings of the blessed Jesus and many of His faithful followers; and Imay say with thankfulness that I was made content. From Sassafras we wentpretty directly home, where we found our families well. For several weeks afterour return I had often to look over our journey; and though to me it appearedas a small service, and that some faithful messengers will yet have more bittercups to drink in those southern provinces for Christ's sake than we have had,yet I found peace in that I had been helped to walk in sincerity according tothe understanding and strength given to me. It was a sensation. That evening all three networks and fifty local stations aired news stories about the ad, giving it a viral life unprecedented in the pre-YouTube era. It would eventually be selected by both TV Guide and Advertising Age as the greatest commercial of all time. Then I thought of getting a hat the natural colour of the fur, but theapprehension of being looked upon as one affecting singularity felt uneasy tome. Here I had occasion to consider that things, though small in themselves,being clearly enjoined by divine authority, become great things to us; and Itrusted that the Lord would support me in the trials that might attendsingularity, so long as singularity was only for His sake. On this account Iwas under close exercise of mind in the time of our General Spring Meeting,1762, greatly desiring to be rightly directed; when, being deeply bowed in spirit before the Lord, I was made willing to submit to what I apprehended wasrequired of me, and when I returned home got a hat of the natural color of thefur. We had a discussion about what I should say. Everyone knew I had to admit that I had made an awful mistake and had tried to hide it. The question was whether I should also take a shot at Starrs investigation and say it was time to end it. The virtually unanimous opinion was that I should not. Most people already knew that Starr was out of control; they needed to hear my admission of wrongdoing and witness my remorse. Some of my friends had given what they thought was strategic advice; others were genuinely appalled by what I had done. Only Hillary refused to express an opinion, instead encouraging everyone to leave me alone to write my statement. At Monalen a Friend gave me some account of a religious society among theDutch, called Mennonists, and amongst other things related a passage insubstance as follows: One of the Mennonists having acquaintance with a man ofanother society at a considerable distance, and being with his waggon onbusiness near the house of his said acquaintance and night coming on, he hadthoughts of putting up with him, but passing by his fields, and observing thedistressed appearance of his slaves, he kindled a fire in the woods hard by,and lay there that night. His said acquaintance hearing where he lodged, andafterward meeting the Mennonist, told him of it, adding he should have beenheartily welcome at his house, and from their acquaintance in former timewondered at his conduct in that case. The Mennonist replied, "Ever since Ilodged by thy field I have wanted an opportunity to speak with thee. I hadintended to come to thy house for entertainment, but seeing thy slaves at theirwork, and observing the manner of their dress, I had no liking to come topartake with thee." He then admonished him to use them with more humanity, and added, "As I lay by the fire that night, I thought that as I was a man ofsubstance thou wouldst have received me freely; but if I had been as poor asone of thy slaves, and had no power to help myself, I should have received fromthy hand no kinder usage than they."In this journey I was out about two months, and travelled about elevenhundred and fifty miles. I returned home under an humbling sense of thegracious dealings of the Lord with me, in preserving me through many trials andafflictions. � 三级成人色情网 Having stayed two nights at Philadelphia, I went the next day to DerbyMonthly Meeting, where through the strength of divine love my heart wasenlarged towards the youth there present, under which I was helped to labour insome tenderness of spirit. I lodged at William Horn's and afterwards went toChester, where I met with Samuel Emlen, and we went on board 1st of FifthMonth, 1772. As I sat alone on the deck, I felt a satisfactory evidence that my proceedings were not in my own will, but under the power of the cross ofChrist. Smith looked at him. 鈥淒o I have to? I鈥檒l do it if I have to.鈥?Jobs gave him a look, and Smith decided it wasn鈥檛 necessary. So he resigned less dramatically and walked out on good terms. It is now 1984. It appears that IBM wants it all. Apple is perceived to be the only hope to offer IBM a run for its money. Dealers, after initially welcoming IBM with open arms, now fear an IBM-dominated and-controlled future and are turning back to Apple as the only force who can ensure their future freedom. IBM wants it all, and is aiming its guns at its last obstacle to industry control, Apple. Will Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry? The entire information age? Was George Orwell right? � To keep a watchful eye towards real objects of charity, to visit the poorin their lonesome dwelling-places, to comfort those who, through thedispensations of divine Providence, are in strait and painful circumstances inthis life, and steadily to endeavour to honour God with our substance, from areal sense of the love of Christ influencing our minds, is more likely to bring a blessing to our children, and will afford more satisfaction to a Christianfavoured with plenty, than an earnest desire to collect much wealth to leavebehind us; for, "here we have no continuing city"; may we therefore diligently"seek one that is to come, whose builder and maker is God.""Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are just,whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things areof good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on thesethings, and do them, and the God of peace shall be with you."(Signed by appointment, and on behalf of said meeting.)Twenty-eighth of Eleventh Month. -- This day I attended the Quarterly Meetingin Bucks County. In the meeting of ministers and elders my heart was enlargedin the love of Jesus Christ, and the favour of the Most High was extended to usin that and the ensuing meeting.