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Men and women have many times scarcely clothes sufficient to hide theirnakedness, and boys and girls ten and twelve years old are often quite naked amongst their master's children. Some of our Society, and some of the societycalled Newlights, use some endeavours to instruct those they have in reading;but in common this is not only neglected, but disapproved. These are the peopleby whose labour the other inhabitants are in a great measure supported, andmany of them in the luxuries of life. These are the people who have made noagreement to serve us, and who have not forfeited their liberty that we knowof. These are the souls for whom Christ died, and for our conduct towards themwe must answer before Him who is no respecter of persons. They who know theonly true God, and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent, and are thus acquainted withthe merciful, benevolent, gospel spirit, will therein perceive that theindignation of God is kindled against oppression and cruelty, and in beholdingthe great distress of so numerous a people will find cause for mourning. THIRTEENTH Fifth Month, 1757. -- Being in good health, and abroad with Friendsvisiting families, I lodged at a Friend's house in Burlington. Going to bedabout the time usual with me, I awoke in the night, and my meditations, as Ilay, were on the goodness and mercy of the Lord, in a sense whereof my heartwas contrited. After this I went to sleep again; in a short time I awoke; itwas yet dark, and no appearance of day or moonshine, and as I opened mine eyesI saw a light in my chamber, at the apparent distance of five feet, about nineinches in diameter, of a clear, easy brightness, and near its centre the mostradiant. As I lay still looking upon it without any surprise, words were spokento my inward ear, which filled my whole inward man. They were not the effect ofthought, nor any conclusion in relation to the appearance, but as the languageof the Holy One spoken in my mind. The words were, CERTAIN EVIDENCE OF DIVINETRUTH. They were again repeated exactly in the same manner, and then the lightdisappeared. I often feel a tenderness of heart towards these poor lads, and at times lookat them as though they were my children according to the flesh. On hearing the news brought by these Indian runners, and being told by theIndians where we lodged that the Indians about Wyoming expected in a few daysto move to some larger towns, I thought, to all outward appearance, it would bedangerous travelling at this time. After a hard day's journey I was broughtinto a painful exercise at night, in which I had to trace back and view thesteps I had taken from my first moving in the visit; and though I had to bewailsome weakness which at times had attended me, yet I could not find that I hadever given way to wilful disobedience. Believing I had, under a sense of duty,come thus far, I was now earnest in spirit, beseeching the Lord to show me whatI ought to do. In this great distress I grew jealous of myself, lest the desireof reputation as a man firmly settled to persevere through dangers, or the fearof disgrace from my returning without performing the visit, might have someplace in me. Full of these thoughts, I lay great part of the night, while mybeloved companion slept by me, till the Lord, my gracious Father, who saw theconflicts of my soul, was pleased to give quietness. Then I was againstrengthened to commit my life, and all things relating thereto, into Hisheavenly hands, and got a little sleep towards day. On New Years morning 1970, I began an amazing five days. I had prepared for the trip to Moscow by getting a guidebook and a good street map in English since I couldnt read the Russian Cyrillic script. Dere's no sun to burn you, 不卡高清AV手机在线观看 In this Yearly Meeting several weighty matters were considered, and towardthe last that in relation to dealing with persons who purchase slaves. Duringthe several sittings of the said meeting, my mind was frequently covered withinward prayer, and I could say with David, "that tears were my meat day andnight." The case of slave-keeping lay heavy upon me, nor did I find anyengagement to speak directly to any other matter before the meeting. Now whenthis case was opened several faithful Friends spake weightily thereto, withwhich I was comforted; and feeling a concern to cast in my mite, I said insubstance as follows: -"In the difficulties attending us in this life nothing is more preciousthan the mind of truth inwardly manifested; and it is my earnest desire that inthis weighty matter we may be so truly humbled as to be favoured with a clearunderstanding of the mind of truth, and follow it; this would be of moreadvantage to the Society than any medium not in the clearness of divine wisdom. . . . "Shout, O children! "Do mankind, walking in uprightness, delight in each other's happiness? Anddo those who are capable of this attainment, by giving way to an evil spirit,employ their skill and strength to inflict and destroy one another? Rememberthen, O my soul, the quietude of those in whom Christ governs, and in all thyproceedings feel after it. The rest of the month was a blizzard of activity that pushed politics and Vietnam to the back of my brain for a while. One Friday, Rick Stearns and I hitchhiked and rode buses to Wales and back, while Rick read Dylan Thomas poems to me. It was the first time I had heard Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night. I loved it, and love it still when brave souls rage against the dying of the light.