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Twenty-sixth of Fourth Month. -- I crossed the Susquehanna, and coming amongpeople in outward ease and greatness, supported chiefly on the labour ofslaves, my heart was much affected, and in awful retiredness my mind wasgathered inward to the Lord, humbly desiring that in true resignation I mightreceive instruction from him respecting my duty among this people. Thoughtravelling on foot was wearisome to my body, yet it was agreeable to the stateof my mind. Being weakly, I was covered with sorrow and heaviness on account ofthe prevailing spirit of this world by which customs grievous and oppressiveare introduced on the one hand, and pride and wantonness on the other. We attended the Quarterly Meeting at Sandwich, in company with Ann Gaunt andMercy Redman, which was preceded by a Monthly Meeting, and in the whole heldthree days. We were in various ways exercised amongst them, in gospel love,according to the several gifts bestowed on us, and were at times overshadowedwith the virtue of truth, to the comfort of the sincere and stirring up of thenegligent. Here we parted with Ann and Mercy, and went to Rhode Island, takingone meeting in our way, which was a satisfactory time. Reaching Newport theevening before their Quarterly Meeting, we attended it, and after that had ameeting with our young people, separated from those of other societies. We wentthrough much labour in this town; and now, in taking leave of it, though I feltclose inward exercise to the last, I found inward peace, and was in some degree comforted in a belief that a good number remain in that place who retain asense of truth, and that there are some young people attentive to the voice ofthe Heavenly Shepherd. The last meeting, in which Friends from the severalparts of the quarter came together, was a select meeting, and through therenewed manifestation of the Father's love the hearts of the sincere wereunited together. Sixth of Ninth Month and first of the week. -- I was this day at Counterside,a large meeting-house, and very full. Through the opening of pure love, it wasa strengthening time to me, and I believe to many more. It requires great self-denial and resignation of ourselves to God, to attainthat state wherein we can freely cease from fighting when wrongfully invaded,if, by our fighting, there were a probability of overcoming the invaders. By famine, great numbers of people in some places have been brought to theutmost distress, and have pined away from want of the necessaries of life. RE: My memo May 19 A级毛片,黄_A级毛片,黄,免费观看 m_A级毛片,黄,免费观看视频_A级毛片,黄,免费观看游客 The gloomy, mysterious woods seemed a world's distance away from their homes, friends and assistance. Some time after the Yearly Meeting, the said committees met at Philadelphia,and, by adjournments, continued sitting several days. The calamities of warwere now increasing; the frontier inhabitants of Pennsylvania were frequentlysurprised, some were slain, and many taken captive by the Indians; and whilethese committees sat, the corpse of one so slain was brought in a waggon, andtaken through the streets of the city in his bloody garments, to alarm thepeople and rouse them to war. "If it was only one, or even two days, I'd let the boys starve it out, as a good lesson to 'em," said Shorty. "But three seems like cruelty to dumb beasts." Chapter 3 After this sickness I spake not in public meetings for worship for nearly oneyear, but my mind was very often in company with the oppressed slaves as I satin meetings; and though under his dispensation I was shut up from speaking, yetthe spring of the gospel ministry was many times livingly opened in me, and thedivine gift operated by abundance of weeping, in feeling the oppression of thispeople. It being so long since I passed through this dispensation, and thematter remaining fresh and lively in my mind, I believe it safest for me tocommit it to writing.