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On the first day of the week, being at our own afternoon meeting, and myheart being enlarged in love, I was led to speak on the care and protection of the Lord over His people, and to make mention of that passage where a band ofSyrians, who were endeavouring to take captive the prophet, were disappointed;and how the Psalmist said, "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about themthat fear Him." Thus, in true love and tenderness, I parted from Friends,expecting the next morning to proceed on my journey. Being weary I went earlyto bed. After I had been asleep a short time, I was awoke by a man calling atmy door, and inviting me to meet some Friends at a public-house in our town,who came from Philadelphia so late that Friends were generally gone to bed. In the Eleventh Month this year, feeling an engagement of mind to visit somefamilies in Mansfield, I joined my beloved friend Benjamin Jones, and we spenta few days together in that service. In the Second Month, 1763, I joined, incompany with Elizabeth Smith and Mary Noble, in a visit to the families ofFriends at Ancocas. In both these visits, through the baptizing power of truth,the sincere labourers were often comforted, and the hearts of Friends opened toreceive us. In the Fourth Month following, I accompanied some Friends in avisit to the families of Friends in Mount Holly; during this visit my mind wasoften drawn into an inward awfulness, wherein strong desires were raised forthe everlasting welfare of my fellow-creatures, and through the kindness of ourHeavenly Father our hearts were at times enlarged, and Friends were invited inthe flowings of divine love to attend to that which would settle them on thesure foundation. Automatically he tested it. It came back, and the nose began to come up a trifle. He did not dare over-control. He had learned that lesson! � � He was deeply concerned on account of that inhuman and iniquitous practice ofmaking slaves of the people of Africa, or holding them in that state, and onthat account we understand he hath not only written some books, but travelledmuch on the continent of America, in order to make the negro masters(especially those in profession with us) sensible of the evil of such apractice; and though in this journey to England he was far removed from theoutward sight of their sufferings, yet his deep exercise of mind and frequentconcern to open the miserable state of this deeply injured people remained, asappears by a short treatise he wrote in this journey. His testimony in the lastmeeting he attended was on this subject, wherein he remarked that we as aSociety, when under outward sufferings, had often found it our concern to lay them before those in authority, and thereby, in the Lord's time, had obtainedrelief, so he to our notice, that we may, as way may open, represent theirsufferings in an individual if not in a Society capacity to those in authority. 日日摸天天摸人人看_久久人人97超碰_97人人模人人爽人人喊_学生妹人人摸碰 "To trade freely with oppressors without labouring to dissuade them from suchunkind treatment, and to seek for gain by such traffic, tends, I believe, tomake them more easy respecting their conduct than they would be, if the causeof universal righteousness was humbly and firmly attended to by those ingeneral with whom they have commerce; and that complaint of the Lord by hisprophet, "They have strengthened the hands of the wicked," hath very oftenrevived in my mind. I may here add some circumstances which occurred to mebefore I had any prospect of a visit there. David longed for some water in awell beyond an army of Philistines who were at war with Israel, and some of his men, to please him, ventured their lives in passing through this army, andbrought that water. And now, dear friends and brethren, as you are improving a wilderness, andmay be numbered amongst the first planters in one part of a province, I beseechyou, in the love of Jesus Christ, wisely to consider the force of yourexamples, and think how much your successors may be thereby affected. It is ahelp in a country, yea, and a great favour and blessing, when customs firstsettled are agreeable to sound wisdom; but when they are otherwise the effectof them is grievous; and children feel themselves encompassed with difficultiesprepared for them by their predecessors. 404 In transacting the affairs of the discipline, his judgment was sound andclear, and he was very useful in treating with those who had done amiss; hevisited such in a private way in that plainess which truth dictates, showinggreat tenderness and Christian forbearance. He was a constant attender of ourYearly Meeting, in which he was a good example and particularly useful,assisting in the business thereof with great weight and attention. He severaltimes visited most of the meetings of Friends in this and the neighbouringprovinces, with the concurrence of the Monthly Meeting to which he belonged,and we have reason to believe he did good service therein, generally or alwaysexpressing at his return how it had fared with him and the evidence of peace inhis mind for thus performing his duty. He was often concerned with otherFriends in the important service of visiting families, which he was enabled togo through to satisfaction. Such arguments manifestly tell not only against Platonism, but against every kind of transcendental realism, from the natural theology of Paley to the dogmatic agnosticism of Mr. Herbert Spencer. A modern Aristotle might say that the hypothesis of a creative first cause, personal or otherwise, logically involves the assumption of as many original specific energies as there are qualities to be accounted for, and thus gives us the unnecessary trouble of counting everything twice over; that every difficulty and contradiction from which the transcendental assumption is intended to free us, must, on analysis, reappear in the assumption itself攆or example, the God who is to deliver us from evil must be himself conceived as the creator of evil; that the infinite and absolute can neither cause, nor be apprehended by, the finite and relative; that to separate from Nature all the forces required for its perpetuation, and relegate them to a sphere apart, is a false antithesis and a sterile abstraction; lastly, that causation, whether efficient or final, once begun, cannot stop; that if this world is not self-existing, nothing is; that the mutual adaptation of thoughts in a designing intelligence requires to be accounted for just like any other adaptation; that if the relative involves the absolute, so also does the relation between the two involve another absolute, and so on to infinity.