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After sitting with them a short time I stood up, and in some tenderness of spirit acquainted them, in a few short sentences, with the nature of my visit,and that a concern for their good had made me willing to come thus far to seethem; which, some of them understanding, interpreted to the others, and thereappeared gladness among them. I then showed them my certificate, which wasexplained to them; and the Moravian who overtook us on the way, being now here,bade me welcome. � And though we may meet with opposition from another spirit, yet, as there is adwelling in meekness, feeling our spirits subject, and moving only in thegentle, peaceable wisdom, the inward reward of quietness will be greater thanall our difficulties. Where the pure life is kept to, and meetings ofdiscipline are held in the authority of it, we find by experience that they arecomfortable, and tend to the health of the body. Third day. -- He uttered the following prayer: -- "'O Lord, my God! theamazing horrors of darkness were gathered around me, and covered me all over,and I saw no way to go forth; I felt the depth and extent of the misery of myfellow-creatures separated from the divine harmony, and it was heavier than Icould bear, and I was crushed down under it; I lifted up my hand, I stretchedout my arm, but there was none to help me; I looked round about and was amazed. "Women!" exclaimed Bergan, stretching out a stalwart arm toward the doctor. "Are not those the muscles and sinews of a man?" Being thus helped to sink down into resignation, I felt a deliverance fromthat tempest in which I had been sorely exercised, and in calmness of mind wentforward, trusting that the Lord Jesus Christ, as I faithfully attended to Him, would be a counsellor to me in all difficulties, and that by His strength Ishould be enabled even to leave money with the members of society where I hadentertainment, when I found that omitting it would obstruct that work to whichI believed He had called me. As I copy this after my return, I may here addthat oftentimes I did so under a sense of duty. The way in which I did it wasthus: When I expected soon to leave a Friend's house where I had entertainment,if I believed that I should not keep clear from the gain of oppression withoutleaving money, I spoke to one of the heads of the family privately, and desiredthem to accept of those pieces of silver, and give them to such of theirnegroes as they believed would make the best use of them; and at other times Igave them to the negroes myself, as the way looked clearest to me. Before Icame out, I had provided a large number of small pieces for this purpose, andthus offering them to some who appeared to be wealthy people was a trial bothto me and them. But the fear of the Lord so covered me at times that my way wasmade easier than I expected; and few, if any, manifested any resentment at theoffer, and most of them, after some conversation, accepted of them. 一级a做爰片_免费1级做爰片在线观看_A级毛片免费观看_一级a做爰片免费观看 淚 do not think it improbable but that the agitation of the sea and large lakes may be of some use for the purification of the atmosphere, and the putrid matter contained in water may be imbibed by aquatic plants, or be deposited in some other manner.? In this lonely walk and state of abasement and humiliation, the condition ofthe Church in these parts was opened before me, and I may truly say with theProphet, "I was bowed down with the hearing of it; I was dismayed at the seeingof it." Under this exercise I attended the Quarterly Meeting at Gunpowder, andin bowedness of spirit I had to express with much plainness my feelingsrespecting Friends living in fulness on the labours of the poor oppressednegroes; and that promise of the Most High was now revived, "I will gather allnations and tongues, and they shall come and see My glory." Here the sufferingsof Christ and His tasting death for every man, and the travels, sufferings, andmartyrdom of the Apostles and primitive Christians in labouring for theconversion of the Gentiles, were livingly revived in me, and according to themeasure of strength afforded I laboured in some tenderness of spirit, beingdeeply affected among them. The difference between the present treatment whichthese Gentiles, the negroes, receive at our hands, and the labours of theprimitive Christians for the conversion of the Gentiles, were pressed home, andthe power of truth came over us, under a feeling of which my mind was united toa tender-hearted people in these parts. The meeting concluded in a sense ofGod's goodness towards His humble, dependent children. I further said, the present circumstances of these provinces to me appeardifficult; the slaves look like a burdensome stone to such as burden themselveswith them; and that, if the white people retain a resolution to prefer theiroutward prospects of gain to all other considerations, and do not actconscientiously toward them as fellow-creatures, I believe that burden willgrow heavier and heavier, until times change in a way disagreeable to us. Theperson appeared very serious, and owned that in considering their condition andthe manner of their treatment in these provinces he had sometimes thought itmight be just in the Almighty so to order it. and that all who appoint meetings may proceed in the pure feeling of duty! The torch-boy caught the portmanteau, and Bergan followed his uncle into a small cottage at one corner of the quadrangle, so situated as to command a view both of the mill and the cabins. The room into which he was ushered was plainly but comfortably furnished. A fire of pitch-pine knots blazed on the hearth, reddening the rough walls and the bare floor with its pleasant glow. A slipshod negress, with a gay turban, was busy laying the table for supper. The effect was, upon the whole, cheery, and ought to have been especially so to a tired and hungry traveller; yet Bergan looked around him with a manifest air of disappointment. His uncle noticed it, and remarked, apologetically,