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LEVENTH of Eleventh Month, 1758. -- This day I set out for Concord; theQuarterly Meeting heretofore held there was now, by reason of a great increaseof members, divided into two by the agreement of Friends at our last YearlyMeeting. Here I met with our beloved friends Samuel Spavold and Mary Kirby fromEngland, and with Joseph White from Bucks County; the latter had taken leave ofhis family in order to go on a religious visit to Friends in England, and,through divine goodness, we were favoured with a strengthening opportunitytogether. From the concern I felt growing in me for some years, I wrote part the secondof a work entitled "Considerations on keeping Negroes," which was printed thisyear, 1762. When the overseers of the press had done with it, they offered toget a number printed, to be paid for out of the Yearly Meeting's stock, to begiven away; but I being most easy to publish it at my own expense, and offeringmy reasons, they appeared satisfied. At ten oclock I told the American people about my testimony, said I was solely and completely responsible for my personal failure, and admitted misleading everyone, even my wife. I said I was trying to protect myself and my family from intrusive questions in a politically inspired lawsuit that had been dismissed. I also said that Starrs investigation had gone on too long, cost too much, and hurt too many people, and that two years earlier, another investigation, a truly independent one, had found no wrongdoing by Hillary or me in Whitewater. Finally, I committed to doing my best to repair my family life, and I hoped we could repair the fabric of our nations life by stopping the pursuit of personal destruction and prying into private lives, and moving on. I believed every word I said, but my anger hadnt worn off enough for me to be as contrite as I should have been. At another time he said, "My draught seemed strongest towards the north, andI mentioned in my own Monthly Meeting, that attending the Quarterly Meeting atYork, and being there, looked like home to me."Fifth day night. -- Having repeated consented to take medicine, but withouteffect, the Friend then waiting on him said through distress, "What shall I donow?" He answered with great composure, "Rejoice evermore, and in everythinggive thanks"; but added a little after, "This is something hard to come at."On sixth day morning he broke forth early in supplication on this wise: "OLord, it was Thy power that enabled me to forsake sin in my youth, and I havefelt Thy bruises for disobedience, but as I bowed under them Thou healedst me,continuing a father and a friend; I feel Thy power now, and I beg that in theapproaching trying moment Thou wilt keep my heart steadfast unto Thee." On hisgiving directions to a Friend concerning some little things, she said, "I willtake care, but hope thou wilt live to order them thyself." He replied, "My hopeis in Christ, and though I may seem a little better, a change in the disordermay soon happen, and my little strength be dissolved, and if it so happen Ishall be gathered to my everlasting rest." On her saying she did not doubtthat, but could not help mourning to see so many faithful servants removed atso low a time, he said, "All good cometh from the Lord, whose power is thesame, and He can work as He sees best." The same day he had directions givenabout wrapping his corpse; perceiving a Friend to weep, he said, "I wouldrather thou wouldst guard against weeping for me, my sister; I sorrow not,though I have had some painful conflicts, but now they seem over, and matterswell settled; and I look at the face of my dear Redeemer, for sweet is Hisvoice, and His countenance is comely."First day, 4th of Tenth Month. -- Being very weak and in general difficult tobe understood, he uttered a few words in commemoration of the Lord's goodness,and added, "How tenderly have I been waited on in this time of affliction, inwhich I may say in Job's words, tedious days and 'wearisome nights areappointed to me'; and how many are spending their time and money in vanity andsuperfluities, while thousands and tens of thousands want the necessaries of life, who might be relieved by them, and their distress at such a time as thisin some degree softened by the administering of suitable things."Second day morning. -- The apothecary, who appeared very anxious to help him,being present, he queried about the probability of such a load of matter beingthrown off his weak body; and the apothecary making some remarks implying hethought it might, he spoke with an audible voice on this wise: "My dependenceis on the Lord Jesus, who I trust will forgive my sins, which is all I hopefor; and if it be His will to raise up this body again, I am content; and if todie, I am resigned; but if thou canst not be easy without trying to assistnature, I submit." After this, his throat was so much affected that it was verydifficult for him to speak so as to be understood, and he frequently wrote whenhe wanted anything. About the second hour on fourth day morning he asked forpen and ink, and at several times, with much difficulty, wrote thus: "I believemy being here is in the wisdom of Christ; I know not as to life or death."About a quarter before six the same morning he seemed to fall into an easysleep, which continued about half an hour, when, seeming to awake, he breatheda few times with more difficulty, and expired without sigh, groan, or struggle. If you consider how long it took me to explain why I vetoed the bill, you understand why it was terrible politics to do so. I vetoed it because no one had shown me evidence that the womens advocates had been untruthful in saying the procedure was necessary or that there was another alternative procedure that would have protected the mothers and their reproductive capacity. I had offered to sign a bill banning all late-term abortions except in cases where the life or health of the mother was at risk. Several states still permitted them, and such action could have prevented far more abortions than the partial-birth bill, but the anti-abortion forces in Congress killed it. They were looking for a way to erode Roe v. Wade; besides, there was no political advantage to a bill that even most pro-choice senators and representatives would support. After the Yearly Meeting we were at meetings at Newtown, Cushnet, Long Plain,Rochester, and Dartmouth. From thence we sailed for Nantucket, in company withAnn Gaunt, Mercy Redman, and several other Friends. The wind being slack weonly reached Tarpawling Cove the first day; where, going on shore, we found room in a public-house, and beds for a few of us, -- the rest slept on thefloor. We went on board again about break of day, and though the wind wassmall, we were favoured to come within about four miles of Nantucket; and thenabout ten of us got into our boat and rowed to the harbour before dark; a largeboat went off and brought in the rest of the passengers about midnight. Thenext day but one was their Yearly Meeting, which held four days, the last ofwhich was their Monthly Meeting for business. We had a labourious time amongstthem; our minds were closely exercised, and I believe it was a time of greatsearching of heart. The longer I was on the island the more I became sensiblethat there was a considerable number of valuable Friends there, though an evilspirit, tending to strife, had been at work amongst them. I was cautious ofmaking any visits except as my mind was particularly drawn to them; and in thatway we had some sittings in Friends' houses, where the heavenly wing was attimes spread over us, to our mutual comfort. My beloved companion had veryacceptable service on this island. 日本在线加勒比一本道,日本高清免费一本视频,日本一本道a不卡免费,免费无码不卡 I had offered a plan to balance the budget in ten years, and then one to balance it in nine, by 2004, but the Republicans and I were still far apart on our budgets. All my experts believed the GOP cuts in Medicare and Medicaid, education, the environment, and the EITC were larger than they needed to be to finance their tax cuts and reach balance, even in seven years. We had differences over the estimates of economic growth, medical inflation, and anticipated revenues. When they controlled the White House, the Republicans had consistently overestimated revenues and underestimated spending. I was determined not to make that mistake, and had always used conservative estimates that had enabled us to beat our deficit reduction targets. 鈥淲ell, we鈥檝e got to finish it,鈥?Steve Capps said. And so they did. Once again, Jobs鈥檚 reality distortion field pushed them to do what they had thought impossible. On Friday Randy Wigginton brought in a huge bag of chocolate-covered espresso beans for the final three all-nighters. When Jobs arrived at work at 8:30 a.m. that Monday, he found Hertzfeld sprawled nearly comatose on the couch. They talked for a few minutes about a remaining tiny glitch, and Jobs decreed that it wasn鈥檛 a problem. Hertzfeld dragged himself to his blue Volkswagen Rabbit (license plate: MACWIZ) and drove home to bed. A short while later Apple鈥檚 Fremont factory began to roll out boxes emblazoned with the colorful line drawings of the Macintosh. Real artists ship, Jobs had declared, and now the Macintosh team had. Soon after that, Newt Gingrich announced that he didnt have the votes to pass the fast-track trade legislation in the House. I had worked very hard for months to pass it. In an attempt to get more votes from my party, I had pledged to Democrats that I would negotiate trade agreements with labor and environmental provisions, and told them that I had secured Chiles agreement to put such requirements into the bilateral agreement we were working on. Unfortunately, I couldnt persuade very many of them, because the AFL-CIO, which was still angry about losing the NAFTA vote, had made the fast-track vote a test of whether Democrats were for or against labor. Even Democrats who agreed with me on the merits were reluctant to face a reelection campaign without the AFL-CIOs financial and organizational support. Several conservative Republicans conditioned their vote on whether or not I would impose further restrictions on U.S. policy for international family planning. When I wouldnt do it, I lost their votes. The Speaker had also worked to pass the bill, but at the end we were still six votes short at best. Now I would just have to continue making individual trade agreements and hope that Congress wouldnt kill them with amendments. In January 1996, the CIA had established a station focused exclusively on bin Laden and his network within its Counterterrorism Center, and shortly thereafter we began to urge Sudan to expel bin Laden. Sudan was then a virtual safe haven for terrorists, including the Egyptians who had tried to kill President Mubarak the previous June and who had succeeded in assassinating his predecessor, Anwar Sadat. The nations leader, Hasan al-Turabi, shared bin Ladens radical views, and the two of them were involved in a whole host of business ventures, running the gamut from legitimate operations to weapons manufacturing and support for terrorists. I also announced that with the budget just enacted, there would be enough money to pay $600 billion of the debt down over four years, and if we stayed on the present course, we would be debt-free by 2010, freeing up twelve cents of every tax dollar for tax cuts or new investments. Because of our fiscal responsibility, long-term interest rates were now, after all the growth, 2 percent lower than when I took office, reducing the costs of mortgages, car payments, business loans, and student loans. The low interest rates had put more money in peoples pockets than tax cuts would have.