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Through diligence we reached Wyoming before night, the 22d, and understoodthat the Indians were mostly gone from this place. We went up a small creekinto the woods with our canoes, and, pitching our tent, carried out ourbaggage, and before dark our horses came to us. Next morning, the horses beingloaded and our baggage prepared, we set forward, being in all fourteen, andwith diligent travelling were favoured to get near half-way to Fort Allen. Theland on this road from Wyoming to our frontier being mostly poor, and goodgrass being scarce, the Indians chose a piece of low ground to lodge on, as thebest for grazing. I had sweat much in travelling, and, being weary, sleptsoundly. In the night I perceived that I had taken cold, of which I wasfavoured soon to get better. "Doubtless. But here comes Cato, to show you to your room. I think breakfast will be ready as soon as you are." Twenty-fourth of Sixth Month. -- This day we passed Fort Allen and lodgednear it in the woods. We forded the westerly branch of the Delaware threetimes, which was a shorter way than going over the top of the Blue Mountainscalled the Second Ridge. In the second time of fording where the river cutsthrough the mountain, the waters being rapid and pretty deep, my companion'smare, being a tall, tractable animal, was sundry times driven back through theriver, being laden with the burdens of some small horses which were thoughtunable to come through with their loads. The troubles eastward, and thedifficulty for Indians to pass through our frontier, I apprehend, were one reason why so many came, expecting that our being in company would prevent theoutside inhabitants being surprised. We reached Bethlehem on the 25th, takingcare to keep foremost, and to acquaint people on and near the road who theseIndians were. This we found very needful, for the frontier inhabitants wereoften alarmed at the report of the English being killed by Indians westward. When I remember the saying of the Most High through His prophet, "This peoplehave I formed for myself; they shall show forth My praise," and think ofplacing children among such to learn the practice of sailing, the consistencyof it with a pious education seems to me like that mentioned by the prophet,"There is no answer from God."Profane examples are very corrupting and very forcible. And as my mind dayafter day and night after night hath been affected with a sympathizingtenderness towards poor children who are put to the employment of sailors, Ihave sometimes had weighty conversation with the sailors in the steerage, whowere mostly respectful to me, and became more so the longer I was with them. � � 色久久综合-天天干-久久婷婷五月综合色啪-色姑娘综合站 Having travelled through Maryland, we came amongst Friends at Cedar Creek inVirginia, on the 12th; and the next day rode, in company with several of them,a day's journey to Camp Creek. As I was riding along in the morning, my mindwas deeply affected in a sense I had of the need of divine aid to support me inthe various difficulties which attended me, and in uncommon distress of mind Icried in secret to the Most High, "O Lord, be merciful, I beseech Thee, to Thypoor afflicted creature!" After some time I felt inward relief, and soon aftera Friend in company began to talk in support of the slave-trade, and said thenegroes were understood to be the offspring of Cain, their blackness being themark which God set upon him after he murdered Abel, his brother; that it wasthe design of Providence they should be slaves, as a condition proper to therace of so wicked a man as Cain was. Then another spake in support of what hadbeen said. � After this sickness I spake not in public meetings for worship for nearly oneyear, but my mind was very often in company with the oppressed slaves as I satin meetings; and though under his dispensation I was shut up from speaking, yetthe spring of the gospel ministry was many times livingly opened in me, and thedivine gift operated by abundance of weeping, in feeling the oppression of thispeople. It being so long since I passed through this dispensation, and thematter remaining fresh and lively in my mind, I believe it safest for me tocommit it to writing. Ninth of Tenth Month. -- My heart hath often been deeply afflicted under afeeling that the standard of pure righteousness is not lifted up to the peopleby us, as a Society, in that clearness which it might have been, had we been asfaithful as we ought to be to the teachings of Christ. And as my mind hath beeninward to the Lord, the purity of Christ's government hath been made clear tomy understanding, and I have believed, in the opening of universal love, thatwhere a people who are convinced of the truth of the inward teachings ofChrist, are active in putting laws in execution which are not consistent withpure wisdom, it hath a necessary tendency to bring dimness over their minds. Myheart having been thus exercised for several years with a tender sympathytowards my fellow-members, I have within a few months past expressed my concernon this subject in several meetings for discipline. "The number of those who decline the use of West India produce, on account ofthe hard usage of the slaves who raise it, appears small, even among peopletruly pious; and the labours in Christian love on that subject of those who do,are not very extensive. Were the trade from this continent to the West Indiesto be stopped at once, I believe many there would suffer for want of bread. Didwe on this continent and the inhabitants of the West Indies generally dwell inpure righteousness, I believe a small trade between us might be right. Underthese considerations, when the thoughts of wholly declining the use of trading-vessels and of trying to hire a vessel to go under ballast have arisen in mymind, I have believed that the labours in gospel love hitherto bestowed in thecause of universal righteousness have not reached that height. If the trade tothe West Indies were no more than was consistent with pure wisdom, I believethe passage-money would, for good reasons, be higher than it is now; andtherefore, under deep exercise of mind, I have believed that I should not takeadvantage of this great trade and small passage-money, but, as a testimony in favour of less trading, should pay more than is common for others to pay if Igo at this time."The first-mentioned owner, having read the paper, went with me to the otherowner, who also read over the paper, and we had some solid conversation, underwhich I felt my self bowed in reverence before the Most High. At length one ofthem asked me if I would go and see the vessel. But not having clearness in mymind to go, I went to my lodging and retired in private under great exercise ofmind; and my tears were poured out before the Lord with inward cries that Hewould graciously help me under these trials. I believe my mind was resigned,but I did not feel clearness to proceed; and my own weakness and the necessityof divine instruction were impressed upon me.