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I told him I was free to have a conference with them all together in aprivate house; or, if he thought they would take it unkind to be asked to cometogether, and to be spoken with in the hearing of one another, I was free tospend some time amongst them, and to visit them all in their own houses. Heexpressed his liking to the first proposal, not doubting their willingness tocome together; and, as I proposed a visit to only ministers, elders, andoverseers, he named some others whom he desired might also be present. A careful messenger being wanted to acquaint them in a proper manner, he offeredto go to all their houses, to open the matter to them, -- and did so. About theeighth hour the next morning we met in the meeting-house chamber, the last-mentioned country Friend, my companion, and John Storer being with us. After ashort time of retirement, I acquainted them with the steps I had taken inprocuring that meeting, and opened the concern I was under, and we thenproceeded to a free conference upon the subject. My exercise was heavy, and Iwas deeply bowed in spirit before the Lord, who was pleased to favour with theseasoning virtue of truth, which wrought a tenderness amongst us; and thesubject was mutually handled in a calm and peaceable spirit. At length, feelingmy mind released from the burden which I had been under, I took my leave ofthem in a good degree of satisfaction; and by the tenderness they manifested inregard to the practice, and the concern several of them expressed in relationto the manner of disposing of their negroes after their decease, I believedthat a good exercise was spreading amongst them: and I am humbly thankful toGod, who supported my mind and preserved me in a good degree of resignationthrough these trials. "Indeed, I shall not," returned Astra, glad of an opportunity of proving that she was neither so distrustful, nor so curious, as he believed. "Of course, the outside world must wait till mother is informed; she has the right to the first telling. If you have any other reason for keeping the matter secret, I do not seek to know it." 18), the desire of gain is subjected. � The gift is pure; and while the eye is single in attending thereto theunderstanding is preserved clear; self is kept out. We rejoice in filling upthat which remains of the afflictions of Christ for His body's sake, which isthe Church. 淲ater impregnated with it makes the strongest spirit of salt that I have seen, dissolving iron with the most rapidity.... Iron filings, being admitted to this air, were dissolved by it pretty fast, half of the air disappearing and the other half becoming inflammable air, not absorbed by water. Putting chalk to it, fixed air was produced.? 色欲综合视频天天天_91AV在线_亚洲的你懂的_伊人8 � After some further conversation I said, that men having power too oftenmisapplied it; that though we made slaves of the negroes, and the Turks madeslaves of the Christians, I believed that liberty was the natural right of all men equally. This he did not deny, but said the lives of the negroes were sowretched in their own country that many of them lived better here than there. Ireplied, "There is great odds in regard to us on what principle we act"; and sothe conversation on that subject ended. I may here add that another person,some time afterwards, mentioned the wretchedness of the negroes, occasioned bytheir intestine wars, as an argument in favour of our fetching them away forslaves. To which I replied, if compassion for the Africans, on account of theirdomestic troubles, was the real motive of our purchasing them, that spirit oftenderness being attended to, would incite us to use them kindly, that, asstrangers brought out of affliction, their lives might be happy among us. Andas they are human creatures, whose souls are as precious as ours, and who mayreceive the same help and comfort from the Holy Scriptures as we do, we couldnot omit suitable endeavours to instruct them therein; but that while wemanifest by our conduct that our views in purchasing them are to advanceourselves, and while our buying captives taken in war animates those parties topush on the war and increase desolation amongst them, to say they liveunhappily in Africa is far from being an argument in our favour. Thirtieth of Eighth Month. -- This morning I wrote a letter in substance asfollows: -BELOVED FRIEND, --My mind is often affected as I pass along under a senseof the state of many poor people who sit under that sort of ministry whichrequires much outward labour to support it; and the loving-kindness of ourHeavenly Father in opening a pure gospel ministry in this nation hath oftenraised thankfulness in my heart to Him. I often remember the conflicts of thefaithful under persecution, and now look at the free exercise of the pure giftuninterrupted by outward laws as a trust committed to us, which requires ourdeepest gratitude and most careful attention. I feel a tender concern that thework of reformation so prosperously carried on in this land within a few agespast may go forward and spread among the nations, and may not go backwardthrough dust gathering on our garments, who have been called to a work so greatand so precious. "I have felt a tenderness in my mind towards persons in two circumstancesmentioned in that report; namely, towards such active members as keep slavesand such as hold offices in civil government; and I have desired that Friends,in all their conduct, may be kindly affectioned one towards another. ManyFriends who keep slaves are under some exercise on that account; and at timesthink about trying them with freedom, but find many things in their way. Theway of living and the annual expenses of some of them are such that it seemsimpracticable for them to set their slaves free without changing their own wayof life. It has been my lot to be often abroad; and I have observed in someplaces, at Quarterly and Yearly Meetings, and at some houses where travellingFriends and their horses are often entertained, that the yearly expense ofindividuals therein is very considerable. And Friends in some places crowdingmuch on persons in these circumstances for entertainment hath rested as aburden on my mind for some years past. I now express it in the fear of theLord, greatly desiring that Friends here present may duly consider it."In the fall of this year, having hired a man to work, I perceived inconversation with him that he had been a soldier in the late war on thiscontinent; and he informed me in the evening, in a narrative of his captivityamong the Indians, that he saw two of his fellow-captives tortured to death ina very cruel manner. This relation affected me with sadness, under which I wentto bed; and the next morning, soon after I awoke, a fresh and living sense ofdivine love overspread my mind, in which I had a renewed prospect of the natureof that wisdom from above which leads to a right use of all gifts, bothspiritual and temporal, and gives content therein. Under a feeling thereof, Iwrote as follows: -"Hath He who gave me a being attended with many wants unknown to brutecreatures given me a capacity superior to theirs, and shown me that a moderateapplication to business is suitable to my present condition; and that this,attended with His blessing, may supply all my outward wants while they remainwithin the bounds He hath fixed, and while no imaginary wants proceeding from an evil spirit have any place in me? Attend then, O my soul! to this purewisdom as thy sure conductor through the manifold dangers of this world. The French army having taken the fort they were besieging, destroyed it andwent away; the company of men who were first drafted, after some days' march,had orders to return home, and those on the second draft were no more calledupon on that occasion.