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Near our tent, on the sides of large trees peeled for that purpose, werevarious representations of men going to and returning from the wars, and ofsome being killed in battle. This was a path heretofore used by warriors, andas I walked about viewing those Indian histories, which were painted mostly inred or black, and thinking on the innumerable afflictions which the proud,fierce spirit produceth in the world, also on the toils and fatigues ofwarriors in travelling over mountains and deserts; on their miseries anddistresses when far from home and wounded by their enemies; of their bruisesand great weariness in chasing one another over the rocks and mountains; of therestless, unquiet state of mind of those who live in this spirit, and of thehatred which mutually grows up in the minds of their children, -- the desire tocherish the spirit of love and peace among these people arose very fresh in me. THIS our valuable friend having been under a religious engagement for some timeto visit Friends in this nation, and more especially us in the northern parts,undertook the same in full concurrence and near sympathy with his friends andbrethren at home, as appeared by certificates from the Monthly and QuarterlyMeetings to which he belonged, and from the Spring Meeting of ministers andelders held at Philadelphia for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. -- That as moneys had of late years been raised by a tax to carry on the wars,he had a scruple in his mind in regard to paying it, and chose rather to sufferdistraint of his goods; but as he was the only person who refused it in thoseparts, and knew not that any one else was in the like circumstances, hesignified that it had been a heavy trial to him, especially as some of hisbrethren had been uneasy with his conduct in that case. He added that, from asympathy he felt with me yesterday in meeting, he found freedom thus to openthe matter in the way of querying concerning Friends in our parts; I told himthe state of Friends amongst us as well as I was able, and also that I had forsome time been under the like scruple. I believed him to be one who wasconcerned to walk uprightly before the Lord, and esteemed it my duty topreserve this note concerning him, Samuel Newby. � him my picture. Of late I have sometimes felt a stop in the appointment of meetings, notwholly but in part: and I do not feel liberty to appoint them so quickly, oneafter another, as I have done heretofore. The work of the ministry being a workof divine love, I feel that the openings thereof are to be waited for in allour appointments. Oh, how deep is divine wisdom! Christ puts forth Hisministers and goeth before them; and oh, how great is the danger of departingfrom the pure feeling of that which leadeth safely! Christ knoweth the state ofthe people, and in the pure feeling of the gospel ministry their states areopened to His servants. Christ knoweth when the fruit-bearing branchesthemselves have need of purging. Oh that these lessons may be remembered by me! 成 人影片 免费观看10分钟,成年美女黄网站色大全,成av人电影在线观看,成 人影片 免费观看 LEVENTH of Eleventh Month, 1758. -- This day I set out for Concord; theQuarterly Meeting heretofore held there was now, by reason of a great increaseof members, divided into two by the agreement of Friends at our last YearlyMeeting. Here I met with our beloved friends Samuel Spavold and Mary Kirby fromEngland, and with Joseph White from Bucks County; the latter had taken leave ofhis family in order to go on a religious visit to Friends in England, and,through divine goodness, we were favoured with a strengthening opportunitytogether. "I have felt a tenderness in my mind towards persons in two circumstancesmentioned in that report; namely, towards such active members as keep slavesand such as hold offices in civil government; and I have desired that Friends,in all their conduct, may be kindly affectioned one towards another. ManyFriends who keep slaves are under some exercise on that account; and at timesthink about trying them with freedom, but find many things in their way. Theway of living and the annual expenses of some of them are such that it seemsimpracticable for them to set their slaves free without changing their own wayof life. It has been my lot to be often abroad; and I have observed in someplaces, at Quarterly and Yearly Meetings, and at some houses where travellingFriends and their horses are often entertained, that the yearly expense ofindividuals therein is very considerable. And Friends in some places crowdingmuch on persons in these circumstances for entertainment hath rested as aburden on my mind for some years past. I now express it in the fear of theLord, greatly desiring that Friends here present may duly consider it."In the fall of this year, having hired a man to work, I perceived inconversation with him that he had been a soldier in the late war on thiscontinent; and he informed me in the evening, in a narrative of his captivityamong the Indians, that he saw two of his fellow-captives tortured to death ina very cruel manner. This relation affected me with sadness, under which I wentto bed; and the next morning, soon after I awoke, a fresh and living sense ofdivine love overspread my mind, in which I had a renewed prospect of the natureof that wisdom from above which leads to a right use of all gifts, bothspiritual and temporal, and gives content therein. Under a feeling thereof, Iwrote as follows: -"Hath He who gave me a being attended with many wants unknown to brutecreatures given me a capacity superior to theirs, and shown me that a moderateapplication to business is suitable to my present condition; and that this,attended with His blessing, may supply all my outward wants while they remainwithin the bounds He hath fixed, and while no imaginary wants proceeding from an evil spirit have any place in me? Attend then, O my soul! to this purewisdom as thy sure conductor through the manifold dangers of this world. At Monalen a Friend gave me some account of a religious society among theDutch, called Mennonists, and amongst other things related a passage insubstance as follows: One of the Mennonists having acquaintance with a man ofanother society at a considerable distance, and being with his waggon onbusiness near the house of his said acquaintance and night coming on, he hadthoughts of putting up with him, but passing by his fields, and observing thedistressed appearance of his slaves, he kindled a fire in the woods hard by,and lay there that night. His said acquaintance hearing where he lodged, andafterward meeting the Mennonist, told him of it, adding he should have beenheartily welcome at his house, and from their acquaintance in former timewondered at his conduct in that case. The Mennonist replied, "Ever since Ilodged by thy field I have wanted an opportunity to speak with thee. I hadintended to come to thy house for entertainment, but seeing thy slaves at theirwork, and observing the manner of their dress, I had no liking to come topartake with thee." He then admonished him to use them with more humanity, and added, "As I lay by the fire that night, I thought that as I was a man ofsubstance thou wouldst have received me freely; but if I had been as poor asone of thy slaves, and had no power to help myself, I should have received fromthy hand no kinder usage than they."In this journey I was out about two months, and travelled about elevenhundred and fifty miles. I returned home under an humbling sense of thegracious dealings of the Lord with me, in preserving me through many trials andafflictions. "We set up a nice pie-in-the-sky sort of thing, all according to the best theory, just the thing to keep the Alberts happy and satisfied and working hard for us. It started right after the first setup here, and by now I guess the Alberts think they invented it all by themselves, or their Great Elder came down from a tree and told them." "Oh, the pretty baby! save the pretty baby!"擧arry would mutter and shriek, and he would wander about the house crying?Save the pretty baby!" till Naomi declared that he gave her the shivers.